Discover Aveda’s New Feed My Lips

Aveda’s new Feed My Lips collection is finally here, and we can’t wait to help you experience any of their new 23 shades.

These lipsticks are 95% naturally derived and offer long-wearing comfort. Created with nourishing, certified organic cupuaçu fruit butter, botanical oils and Aveda’s signature certified organic peppermint, vanilla and ginger aroma-flavor, these lipsticks provide stunning color for every person. Feel the beauty of botanicals on your lips. Sumptuous fruit butter and plant waxes fill lips with nourishment, while a kiss of aroma-flavor with certified organic peppermint enhances your smile.

Plus, Aveda created these lipsticks to complement any hair color. Whether you’re a brunette, a blonde or a red head, you’ll find a color perfectly suited for your style. Harmonizing hair & lip colors will take your style to the next level. Which lip color was made for you?


Shimmery coral papaya, coral-y sweet pitaya and deep mauve kimi fig will ehnance the honey colors in your hair.


aveda feed my lips
Deep pink guava, stunning violet sugar apple and hot pink lychee add color to your look, without overwhelming the shade of your hair.


aveda feed my lips warm brunette
Pinky rose mulberry, vibrant red gogi and rich burgundy morello play off the subtle warmth in your hair color and draw attention to your lips with color.


aveda feed my lips
Berry pink prickly pear, berry red blushed plum and deep purple acai add brightness to the cool depth of your hair. The cool undertones in these lip colors create a cohesive color palette to your entire look.


aveda feed my lips
Fresh pink watermelon, fiery red cana and deep red chili match the copper or red radiance in your hair, while balancing out added warmth in your complexion.


aveda feed my lips cool red hair
Bold berry passion fruit, crimson pink jujube and deep violet tayberry pick up the violet tones in your hair, while adding a kiss of berry to your lips.

Aveda also added lipsticks to this collection that complement every hair color and look beautiful on everyone. Soft honey ginger, taupe-y bronzed pecan, dark cacao bean, earthy rose jicama and bold sutra are shades to enhance every hair color.

Our students can help you pick the perfect lipstick shade. Stop in to our beauty school for a makeup lesson or application.

Student Spotlight: Konstantin

We have a lot of amazing students at our beauty school, but sometimes we meet a student who is so passionate about this industry we know from the get-go that that student will be great. Konstantin is one of those students. His guests love him. He’s always got a smile on his face, and he has so much talent that any salon would be lucky to have him when he graduates. Plus, he’s overcome language barriers and moved here from Russia, ready to start a whole new career! That’s dedication and perseverance we admire.

Konstantin Student Spotlight

VICI Beauty School: Why got you interested in cosmetology?
Konstantin: I was always interested in all of this. My mom is a fashion designer and my whole family always sowed something – dresses, coats, etc. I was interested in all of that, so I became a fashion designer. When I came to the United States, this vocation didn’t work. I didn’t have a degree, and I felt incomplete. I decided to go to cosmetology school because I was always interested in hair. I had been interested in hair since I was nine. When I moved to the United States I thought, “What if my childhood dream could come true?” When I toured here, Jen gave me a big hug, and that’s when I knew I would have the best opportunities here.

VICI Beauty School: Why did you choose VICI for your education?
Konstantin: One of my friends graduated from here, and she told me about this school when I was back in Russia. When I moved here, I didn’t know where to go, and she urged me to come here.

VICI Beauty School: What do you like about VICI now that you’ve been here for a while?
Konstantin: Everyone is open and smiling. I like the owners, and I like my teachers. They give me the basics I need and the knowledge to open some doors in this industry. I like everyone.

VICI Beauty School: What has been the hardest part of beauty school? How have you overcome that?
Konstantin: When you’re bilingual, it’s studying. It can be hard, but if you go through it, everything is easier. You pick more information up throughout the program, and students can help study with you. The hardest part for me was just making the decision to go to VICI. I didn’t know if cosmetology was the right choice. I needed someone to push me. And I’m glad I did it.

VICI Beauty School: What would you like to do after you graduate?
Konstantin: I would like to open a hair salon or a makeup salon or an art studio. I want to make a lot of friends in the beauty industry. I want to work on runways with models and in the fashion scene. I want to combine all my passions.

VICI Beauty School: What advice would you give to a student just entering this program?
Konstantin: Be patient. Be focused. Focus on your future. Look at celebrities like Vidal Sassoon or Madonna. Madonna went to New York with a dream that pushed her forward. Have a dream. Be confident. Be sure of yourself, and always say yes to new opportunities. You have to start somewhere. Don’t be ashamed of some of the work you have to do like cleaning or working on mannequins. If you like people, this is a great industry for you. You’re making people feel better.

During our conversation, Konstantin also said “Everyone is perfect in a different way. You can find something amazing in every person.” That attitude and positivity is what will take him far. We are so excited to see how he grows his career.

Check out some of Konstantin’s work below. We know he’s going to be successful no matter where he goes!

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3 Big Ways to Succeed in the Cosmetology Industry

If you want to succeed in the cosmetology industry, you can’t just be good at hair. There’s a lot more that goes into a successful beauty career than knowing how to curl hair or pin an updo. Here are 3 big ways you can succeed as a cosmetologist.

1. Take Educational Classes

Your education doesn’t stop when you graduate from beauty school. One of the coolest aspects of the beauty world is that it’s always changing and growing, which means there is always something to learn. Beauty school only lasts a year, and while we wish we could teach students absolutely everything, they would never graduate! Take the inititative to attend additional education classes. Many salons offer education to their stylists, or you can search for classes being held in your area. There are also huge conferences and beauty shows like America’s Beauty Show where you can learn about new techniques and products.

2. Build Your Network

Get to know other people who work as cosmetologists. These are the people who will keep you informed about what’s happening in your area. They can let you know about new jobs, educational opportunities, photo shoots, new product lines and more. Your network can help you get jobs and help you cross-promote. For example, if you’re a bridal hair stylist or makeup artist, you should have a wedding photographer in your network. They can recommend you, and you can recommend them.

3. Take Every Opportunity that Comes Your Way

It’s important, especially when you’re starting, that if an opportunity arises for you, you snap it up! You never know where these opportunities may lead, and for many of the biggest cosmetologists, their careers really started when they took a chance. It can be scary, but it can also push your career in a new and exciting direction!

Ready to start your career in cosmetology? Book your tour today!

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Peek a Boo Hair Color Special

Only $24.50 on Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Discover the “joi” of colorful hair with the fashion shades from the Joico Color Intensity Line. These vibrant shades can last through 15 shampoos! Add this service to your appointment or book just a peek-a-boo appointment.

*While appointments are available. All services performed by students under supervision of licensed instructors.

Book your appointment by calling (414) 425-1700 or visiting our appointment section on our website.

Growing Your Career with Esthiology

growing your career with esthiology

Estheticians can grow their careers in lots of ways, both in spas and outside of them. The career possibilities far exceed what you might think! Esthiology can take you far in your professional life, which is why we love it so much.

1. You Can Work for Yourself

Many estheticians decide to work for themselves. They are their own boss and they succeed based on their work ethic. It’s not an easy path, but it’s extremely rewarding and has the potential to be whatever you make it. Some estheticians offer on-site services like makeup applications. There will always be brides, so on-site makeup will always be in style. You’ll also find estheticians at runway shows and at photo shoots. Some start their own lash parlors and beauty spas. You can choose from a variety of career paths if you decide to work for yourself.

2. Create Your Own Skincare Line

If you’re passionate about skincare (and you should be if you’re an esthetician) you could start your own product line. Many cosmetic and skincare lines were started by beauticians and esthiologists with a passion for the beauty industry. You’ll need to be business savvy and have the time and patience to work on your products. Your product line is a business, and you’ll need to prepare for that. You’ll work a ton, test your products, build a marketing plan and more. However, seeing your business grow from an idea to reality will be one of the most rewarding career choices you can make. Eventually you could see your products on the shelves in salons or retail stores!

3. You Could Work at High End Spas

Lots of estheticians choose to work in spas, and they still go far in their careers. Salons and spas ARE NOT dead ends. Luxury spas are stunning places to work, and their services match the luxury experience. In turn, their prices also have a luxury feel. Clients may spend $300, $400 or more just for one service. This path is a long one but well worth it. You need amazing customer service and phenomenal esthetician skills. This may not be the career you get straight out of school, but it’s what you can work towards. Estheticians who work in luxury spas have the experience to back up those prices.

4. You Can Spend Decades Perfecting Your Esthetics Career

Esthiology is the perfect career for people who know they want to help others feel beautiful. Successful estheticians build a loyal client base, and this takes time. While some clients may come and go, for the most part, the beauty industry really doesn’t deal with significant dips in the market. People will always have skin, which means they’ll always need someone to care for it. This doesn’t mean you can set up shop and just expect clients to come, but if you market yourself and build your base, you’re set. The better you become with your services and with your guests, the more clients you’ll have. You can be successful for years and constantly work to perfect your craft.

If you’re ready to get started, set up a tour with our Admissions department.

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Student Spotlight: Rahil

We love getting to know our students, especially when we know they are super passionate about this industry. Rahil loves the spa and salon industry. She worked in this industry when she lived in Iran, and she wants to do the same in Wisconsin. She took time out of her busy schedule to meet with us to fill us in on how she’s succeeding at beauty school.

VICI Beauty School: Why did you decide to go into the esthiology field?
Rahil: I did it in my old country for ten years. I had a salon, and I really loved my job and my country. Then I came here and was working in a salon for eyebrow threading and I decided to get my license here. I really like doing eyebrows and facials – just the face which is why esthiology was the best options for me.

VICI: Why did you decide on VICI Beauty School?
Rahil: When I came here, I saw Jen and she was so so so nice to me. I got positive vibes from her. I met another school before I came here, but I felt so much more comfortable here. This environment was so much more positive.

VICI: What do you like about VICI now that you’ve been here for a while?
Rahil: The students and instructors are really nice. I love Stephanie; she’s so patient with students. In the beginning, I was nervous, but my classmates are so friendly with me and I love them. And they are professional.

VICI: What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?
Rahil: English is not my native language, so a lot of the academic words were new for me. I already knew how to do everything in a salon, but in English, I didn’t know a lot of words, which was confusing. But I’ve got it now.

VICI: What would you like to do after you graduate?
Rahil: I’m thinking about opening my own place. I’ve thought about it for years and when I started working in a salon in America doing eyebrows, that’s what I thought about every day. I’m working on it now.

VICI: What advice would you give to a student just entering the esthiology program?
Rahil: If they want to do this, don’t hesitate. If you enjoy making people happy and beautiful, go do it! It’s not hard when you practice, and you get better and better and more professional.

We’re sure Rahil’s business will be successful as her industry knowledge and passion for her guests is amazing. We’re proud to have students like Rahil at VICI Beauty School. Remember to follow us on social media for more info – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. If you’re interested in starting esthiology school, please come in for a tour!

The Perfect Holiday Gift Sets for Christmas

Still searching for the perfect Christmas gift for your loved one, family member or Secret Santa? We know how crazy the holidays can be, and Christmas shopping can be one of the most time consuming aspects of it. We want to help in any way we can, which is why we offer lots of different gift set options at VICI Beauty School. You don’t even have to wrap them! Here are just a few of our favorites:

A Gift of Vibrant Hair Christmas Gift Set

This beautiful gift set provides the Color Conserve™ system with shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment to protect color by preventing fading. Your friend or family member will love Aveda’s aroma along with the powerful benefits of certified organic lavender, geranium, grapefruit and other pure flower and plant essences. It also includes Light Elements™ smoothing fluid, a styling serum that weightlessly smooths frizz, helps tame flyaways and adds shine and movement as it restores a healthy look and feel to all hair types.

A Gift of Comfort Christmas Gift Set

Give the gift of comfort during the holidays with Aveda’s own comforting aroma, Candrimā™. This certified organic ginger and ginger lily scent is named after “moonlight” in Sanskrit for the lily’s moon-white blossoms. Candrimā™ body care nourishes with a plant oil blend including certified organic sesame and coconut oils to leave skin soft and smooth. It’s the perfect gift set for someone who needs to unwind.

A Gift of Invigoration Gift Set

Breathe deep and experience a complete awakening from body to soul with the invigorating aroma of rosemary and peppermint. This gift set contains Aveda favorites – Rosemary Mint Shampoo, Rosemary Mint Conditioner, and Rosemary Mint Hand and Body Wash. This aroma will awaken the senses using certified organic rosemary and peppermint with other pure flower and plant essences. This is a fantastic gift for moms, teachers and others who need to be wide awake and ready to go in the mornings.

We also love the gift sets because of what they do for women, students and the environment in Nepal. The green paper you’ll find around each gift set is handmade. 90% of Aveda papermakers are women who previously had few options for supporting themselves and their families. Januka Shrestha, a widowed mother, was working a construction job trying to earn enough to send her son to school. Her job involved hard physical labor such as breaking stones into chips. She says papermaking has empowered her to not only provide for her son’s education, but also make more decisions about her household. One in every three Nepali children work herding cattle, farming or making bricks to help support their families. That’s why papermakers take such pride in being able to send their kids to school, with the help of the income they earn from making lokta bark paper. In fact, papermakers’ daughters are often the first generation of girls to achieve secondary educations in their family. The communities who create Aveda’s paper have Certified Wildlife Friendly® status. This certification helps reverse deforestation and maintain 42,000 acres of habitat for Himalayan wildlife and 21 endangered species including the red panda and snow leopard.

If you still need gifts for the people you care about, stop by our beauty school and find the perfect gift set. Not only will your friend or family member love it, but you’ll also be making the world a better place by supporting Aveda’s efforts in Nepal.

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Getting a Job in the Beauty Industry

So you want to work in the beauty industry! That’s awesome! It’s a growing workplace with lots of opportunities, many of which you can turn into a lifelong career.You just need to know how to get started. Here are a few ways that will prepare you for getting a job in the beauty industry.

Take Extra Classes in Beauty School

extra classes in beauty school

Everyone takes the same curriculum in beauty school, so you’ll want to take classes and join extra curriculars that set you a part. The extra experience will give you an edge when you interview with a salon or beauty department. Signing up for extra classes shows how important knowledge is to you. Almost every career in the beauty industry will want you to continue learning, so showing that education is important to you will help you nab a great job. Our students have the opportunity to take extra waxing classes, makeup classes and hair classes.

Create a Great Resume

Before you get an interview, you’ll need to impress managers and owners with a resume. Your resume should include all your related experience, any commendations you received, your grades and additional certifications. Not sure what yours should look like? Take a look at our resume sample.

Build Your Beauty Network

beauty network

When you’re looking for a job, big network of other professionals in the beauty industry will help. They’ll let you know when a salon or spa is hiring, and if they already work there, they can be your reference. Attend career fairs when you’re in cosmetology school and meet salon owners and managers. Get to know other stylists and makeup artists in the area. When you have a big network, you’ll be the first to hear about amazing career opportunities!

Ready to get a job you’ll love? It all starts at beauty school! Schedule your tour at VICI Beauty School today and get the ball rolling.

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Aveda Holiday Hair Styles You Need to Try

aveda hair styles

The holidays are upon us, and we all want to look our best for family and friend gatherings, but between Christmas shopping, baking desserts, cooking meals and participating in any of the other million holiday events, it can be tricky to come up with a new hairstyle. There are actually tons of easy ways to glam up your hair that don’t take much time, and we’re sharing a few of our favorite holiday hair styles.

A Polished Ponytail for Your Holiday Work Party

Need something professional for your work party? A polished ponytail is sophisticated, elegant and glamorous. The best part? It only takes a few minutes to create! Start with straight hair, and lightly spray with Air Control hairspray. Then, using a large paddle brush, brush back all your hair into a low ponytail. To make this ponytail evening appropriate, take a small strip of your ponytail and spray it with hairspray, especially the ends. Wrap this strand around the band of your ponytail and secure it with a bobby pin. The secret to finishing this look is using a kabuki brush and Brilliant Spray On Shine to add shine and tame flyaways.

A Half Updo for Christmas Photos

This look is perfect for shorter hair – women who have a lob or a bob. It only takes a few minutes once your hair is curled. All you need to do is twist two small sections of your hair near the front of your hair. You can use Aveda’s Light Elements Defining Whip or their Air Control hairspray so the twists stay in place. For extra body and texture, rub a little of the whip in your palms and scrunch it into your curls. This holiday inspired hair will look beautiful in all your family photos.

Enhance Your Natural Curls

Sometimes to achieve party-worthy hair, all your have to do is enhance what you naturally have. If your curls have felt a little flat or dull lately, style your hair with Aveda’s Be Curly line. These products add volume, add shine and stave off humidity, which means even an afternoon of cooking your holiday feast won’t destroy your curls.

A High Ponytail for New Year’s Eve

If you’re ready to hit the town, a little bling in your hair never hurt. This high ponytail finishes with hair rings for a surprise in the back. If you have textured hair or tight coils, sectioning the back of your hair and pulling it up lets you bring the ponytail up higher. Leave the top of your hair out of the ponytail. If you have straight hair, rather than leave the top out, bring the remaining hair back into a high pony and style as Aveda did in the polished ponytail tutorial.

Easy Waterfall Braids for Family Dinner

Waterfall braids look a lot harder to create than they are. They are similar to a French braid in the sense that you’re grabbing additional hair as you build your braid, but your also dropping pieces in order to create the illusion of a waterfall. We recommend practicing this look once or twice before your festivities, but once you know what you’re doing, waterfall braids take very little time. They are perfect with straight hair, although we prefer curls for added holiday glam. We recommend using Air Control to set everything.

Which look do you want to wear this holiday season? We recommend using Aveda products for these holiday hair styles, which will all be on sale during our Holiday Client Appreciation Party! Aveda will be 20% off!

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Alumni Spotlight: Leah Anne at Scottfree Salon

Our students go on to do incredible things, but more often than not, it takes some time working in the industry before they have the opportunity to do something really amazing. However, Leah Anne has been at Scottfree Salon for less than a year, and she’s already got television makeup in her portfolio. We were thrilled to see that she did the Halloween makeup for one of the television hosts at TMJ4. We met up with Leah at her new salon home to learn more about where her career is taking her.

leah anne at scottfree salon

VICI: How did VICI Beauty School prepare you for working at Scottfree Salon?
VICI prepared me not only through their theory but through the strong clientele base I had at school. I learn by doing, and I feel I had great opportunities to practice and learn techniques through my clients at school. It helped me learn how to bring the best customer service to my guests, and I use those skills with salons clients every day.

VICI: What else have you learned now that you’ve graduated?
Now that I have graduated I have learned the ins and outs of running the front desk and scheduling appointments at Scottfree. I am currently learning how to use Goldwell color and also have advanced education classes every Monday where I’m currently learning cutting techniques.

VICI: What do you like about working at Scottfree?
I like working at Scottfree for many reasons. They offer great education and incredible opportunities for their employees. For example, some of our stylists have been able to travel to New York for Fashion week. Everyone works together and helps each other for the common good to help each other become the best stylist they can be. I’ve worked there less than two months and have already been given the opportunity to do makeup for the Milwaukee Bucks and on TMJ4.

VICI: We saw you did the Halloween makeup and hair for one of the anchors on TMJ4 Milwaukee! What was that like?
I loved doing the makeup for TMJ4! Michael, a makeup artist for Scottfree, brought me along to help him with sugar skull Halloween makeup for the anchors on Halloween. We had about an hour and a half to get both of them done and ready. We started around 7:30, and they were on air at 9:00. It was a lot of fun getting to know them and creating such fun looks! I also got to help them style their wigs for their costumes.

VICI: How is working in a salon different than in a school?
Working in a salon is different than school because everything is a little more fluid. There are many different cutting and color techniques that you just don’t learn in school. As a stylist, you have the opportunity to use your knowledge to create whatever technique and look you want. You have to know the rules to break the rules. I am currently an assistant at Scottfree and I think it’s great to learn how fast paced things move in a salon, especially when helping with shampoos for stylists who are double booked.

VICI: What advice would you give to students nearing graduation?
My advice to students nearing graduation is to research salons now! Go shadow, and start working the front desk if not starting as a salon assistant or training stylist! The sooner you get in there, the better to be surrounded by your career. I took my state boards test a few months after school, and I passed, woohoo! However, I do think it would have been a lot less stressful if I would have taken them right after mocks or right after school! Don’t wait!

My last bit of advice is remember why you started school. It’s because you love the beauty industry and you love to create. You’re an artist! Be eager to learn, work hard and have patience because your success will come!

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Student Spotlight: Elif

We have a lot of amazing students, but sometimes we come across a student with so much passion and excitement for this industry that we can’t help but get excited too! Elif is one of our cosmetology students who volunteers for school events, has brought in treats, participates in field trips and more. She loves the beauty industry, and we wanted to sit down with Elif and learn more about her life at VICI Beauty School!

VICI Beauty School: Why did you decide to go into the cosmetology field?
Elif: Cosmetology wasn’t my first choice, to be honest. I was going to be a teacher. I had a full scholarship to a school in California, but for personal reasons I didn’t take it. I’ve been really good with hair since I was little. I’ve known how to fishtail braids since I was five. It’s just been a talent of mine that’s been natural. Since I didn’t go to California, my mom suggested beauty school and since I had the talent, I thought I would try it. And I met Jen and loved her, and I love it here.

VICI: Why did you decide on VICI Beauty School?
Elif: My cousin went here and I didn’t really know other places, so I thought I would check VICI out. When I came here, I met Jen and she was so nice and our personalities connected. I even came here to get an updo before I started school, and I loved the experience.

VICI: What makes you excited to be a part of this industry?
Elif: Connecting with my clients. That really gets me excited. I’m good at hair and all this stuff, but connecting is what gets me through the day. I love talking to them!

VICI: You also love participating in school and community events. Why do you feel that’s important?
Elif: I love trying new things and meeting new people, and I love talking about my passion. It’s so fun! I want people to be excited about this! I even suggested to Jen that we should go to my old high school, and Jen set up the appointment at South Milwaukee High School.

VICI: What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?
Elif: Writing the formulas. I’ll know what a client wants for color, but figuring out how to mix their formula is hard. I’ve been doing a lot of research and looking online and mixing my own formulas, and I’m getting better! I practiced at home. I did 6 extra sheets of formulas and I’m practicing a lot, and I’m getting it.

VICI: What would you like to do after you graduate?
Elif: Hopefully work in a salon. I’ve got like 5 offers, so I’m just figuring out which one will be the best for me.

VICI: What advice would you give to a student just entering this program?
Elif: Don’t give up. It’s hard at first. It’s really hard and difficult. But don’t give up because nothing comes easy. Nothing that’s worth it comes easy.

Just for fun, we asked Elif if she could be any animal, what would she be? She said a bunny because bunnies are cute and fluffy and she thinks she would be a good bunny. We can totally see that! We’re so proud to have students like Elif at our school. Her excitement for this industry is contagious, and you can’t help but smile when you’re around her. We know that no matter where she goes after graduation, she’ll succeed.

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You’re Invited to our Client Appreciation Party

We love our guests, and to say “thanks” for all your support, we’re throwing our annual Holiday Client Appreciation Party! This is the perfect time to treat yourself, see our students and stock up on Christmas presents for family and friends.

We’ll have complimentary soda you can enjoy. There will also be delicious appetizers, but best of all – Aveda and almost all our other products will be 20% off!

Our party will be on December 6th from 5 to 8pm.

We hope to see you there!

*sale excludes jewelry, tools and gift sets.

5 Reasons Why People Love Cosmetology School

5 Reasons Why People Love Cosmetology School

Thinking about going into the beauty industry? There are lots of amazing reasons to work as a hair stylist, eshtetician or makeup artist. There are lots of great reasons to start cosmetology school, too!

1. The Course Only Takes a Year

Cosmetology school only takes about a year. Many people want to start a new, exciting career, but they don’t have years to dedicate to its education. That’s why we love cosmetology. In one year, you can take your state boards and start your career working in a salon or spa.

cosmetology school

2. You Meet Lots of Amazing People

When you start your journey in cosmetology school, you’ll meet a lot of new, amazing people. First, you’ll meet instructors who are excited to see your grow in this industry. You’ll meet fellow students who have many of the same inspirations and interests as you. Many students become lifelong friends. Then, once you reach the clinic floor, you’ll meet your clients. Lots of clients are weekly visitors and they become friends with their student stylist. For some, it’s a bittersweet moment when a student finally graduates. Guests are excited to see their friend become a hair stylist but sad to see them go. You really make lasting bonds with the people at beauty school, so much so that you’ll want photos with your favorites when you graduate, which is what Kori did with her regular guest, Dorothy!

cosmetology school student

3. You Get to Use Your Creativity

Many stylists-to-be love beauty school because they get to use their creativity in this industry more than any other. Whether it’s applying avant garde makeup or coloring someone’s hair with pastel colors, there are lots of ways to create something brand new. Not every day requires the same amount of creativity, but on Halloween, during runway shows or when practicing your makeup skills, you get to be extra.

makeup artist

4. You Help People Feel Better About Themselves

One of the most rewarding parts of being in this industry is helping people feel better about themselves. Sometimes all it takes is a new haircut or a fresh hair color to turn someone’s day around. People come to you to relax, be pampered, and treat themsleves to “me time.” Time they spend with you is important. As a cosmetologist, you have the ability to change how someone sees themselves and make their day brighter.

beauty school

5. Cosmetology School Instructors Want You to Succeed

When you go to beauty school, you’ll be in a much smaller class than if you attend a university. Instructors at beauty school get to know their students and want them to succeed. They spend a lot of time with their students, and seeing their students go on to work in a salon or spa makes them beam. It’s rewarding for the instructors when a student finally masters a skill or gives a guest a great experience. On graduation day, it can be hard for teachers to say goodbye to the students they’ve seen grow so much, but it’s also exciting! We want our students to take on the beauty industry with all the passion we know they have!

beauty school instructor

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The Science Behind Beauty School: Hair Texture


You’ve likely heard hair described as straight, wavy or curly, but the salon professional has to know texture above and beyond these descriptions. To give clients the texture designs they love, hair stylists have to get up close and personal with hair texture. Straight texture has multiple straight lines within a form to create unactivated surfaces. A wavy texture has a texture that resembles an “S” pattern. These textures are activated surfaces and can range from fast or slow speed (which is how tight the “S” is.) Curly textures have two textures. One type has an arc and/or loop pattern. The other type has a spiral or corkscrew pattern. Lastly, tightly curled hair is a very tightly coiled “S” or corkscrew pattern. It could also be a zigzag pattern. This is a highly activated surface. That’s a lot more science than you thought, right?


As a hair designer, you’ll use a variety of principles to envision hair designs for clients. Each design principle on its own or in combination with others can create unique, customized hair designs.

Repetition is repeating the same shape and diameter throughout the hair. This is a classic design often seen in perms and can be maintained with a roller set. It’s also seen in chemically straightened hair. Alternation requires different tool diameters and shapes to create a mix of textures. Depending on the degree of difference in the tools, the results can look natural or dramatic. Progression creates a large-to-small or vis versa texture pattern. This is used to emphasize or adjust to different hair lengths. Lastly, there’s contrast, which is an extreme difference in texture positioning. Part may be very curly while another section of hair is designed to be straight, often seen in asymmetrical cuts. Who knew texture played such an important role in cuts and styles? Hair stylists, that’s who!


When it comes to creating hair texture, a common technique is perming. A proper perm relies on patterns, just like a beautiful dress needs a pattern. Successful salon professionals strive to master techniques and skills that will serve them for years to come. To create a successful perm design and make the most efficient use of your time, you need to be able to wrap each perm accurately, swiftly and with manual dexterity.

Five Step Perm Procedure

1) Distribute the hair
2) Section the hair
3) Wrap the hair in rollers
4) Process the hair in perming solution
5) Neutralize the hair with solution

As a hair designer, you’ll have the power to transform your clients’ appearance. Most clients, when they want a change, will ask for more or less volume. Simply expanding or reducing the volume has a big effect on texture and the client’s image. Using your knowledge of cosmetology science and your proficiency with patterns, you can make any type of texture. You have the power as a cosmetologist to completely change a client’s style!

If you’re ready to master the science in cosmetology, book a tour at VICI Beauty School! We can’t wait to meet you.

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5 Ways You’ll Succeed in Beauty School

5 Ways You'll Succeed in Beauty School

It takes more than just being good at hair to succeed in beauty school. If you want to be successful while attending cosmetology school, you need to be prepared to study, work on communication skills, learn business practices and more. Here are 5 ways you can succeed at beauty school!

1. Do Your Homework and Read Your Text Books

Before you start meeting real clients or working on someone’s hair, you’ll spend a few months in a classroom setting. The classroom work is the foundation for what you’ll create on the clinic floor. If you skimp on your readings or you fail to do the homework, you’ll have an extremely hard time mixing colors, cutting hair, being sanitary and more. Plus, if you don’t do the book work, you likely won’t pass the test to get onto the clinic floor or your state boards, which licenses you!

2. Stay Productive by Practicing on Mannequin Heads

Once you reach the clinic floor, you may have downtime between guests. Don’t waste this time. Practice makes perfect, and spending time working on your mannequin head will help you perfect the styles you may struggle with. By practicing, you’ll be prepared for any style, cut or color that a guest wants.

3. Stay Above Drama

It’s easy to get swept up in drama when you’re attending school, but remember, drama isn’t the reason you’re at beauty school. You want to become a cosmetologist and that should be your main goal. Don’t let anything get in the way of that. A successful student doesn’t get bogged down by drama.

4. Learn How to Educate Clients and Recommend Retail

Hair stylists earn their income in a variety of ways, one of which is selling retail. But don’t think of it as being a sales person. You’re an educator. You need to explain to your guests what products would work well for their hair and then show them your recommendations. You’re the expert, and they want your advice. To succeed in beauty school, pay attention when you’re learning how to recommend retail and then practice those skills once you’re on the clinic floor.

5. Work on Your Communication Skills

How well you communicate with your guest can determine how well your appointment goes. You really need to understand what your client wants when he or she sits down in your chair. If they want something that can’t be done in one appointment, you’ll need to know how to communicate that. It can be tricky since you’ll want to pull out all your cosmetology terms, but remember, your guests don’t know everything you do. Successful students work on their communication skills over and over again.

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Should You Be a Hair Stylist? Find Out!

Sometimes we make choices we aren’t totally sure of, and other times, we just know. If you’re destined to be a hair stylist, there are probably tons of signs pointing to this career path. Think cosmetology and you are a perfect match? Let’s find out!

You watch a lot of hair tutorials online.

Is your Youtube homepage filled with braiding videos, hair color how-tos and updo tutorials? Have you ever thought “I’ll just watch one video” and then spent the next four hours combing through hair dresser videos? You should probably do hair!

You won’t leave home if your hair isn’t done.

We get it. You love hair and makeup, and you see every chance to leave the house as an opportunity to show off your skills. And if your plans get cancelled, you’re still going out. You can’t waste a good hair day!

You do everyone’s hair for prom and homecoming.

When your friends need to look their best, they turn to you. You give all of your friends the perfect curls and plaited updos.

You’ve colored your hair every shade of the rainbow.

Blue, green, purple, brunette, blonde – been there, done that. Become a legit cosmetologist and you can learn how to color hair in a healthy and safe way!

You’re first in line when a new hair product drops.

You mark the release dates of new products on your calendar, and you wait online for hours when a company finally launches something new. We feel you.

You’re artistic and creative.

Put those creative juices to use! Lots of cosmetologists are artists who use hair or makeup as their medium.

All your clothes are black.

Do you own a bunch of black clothes? That’s a pretty standard uniform for hair dressers. You may as well pick a career that matches your wardrobe!

10. You love helping other people feel good.

At the end of the day, cosmetologists want their clients to feel happy and confident. If you love helping others feel good, then you’re meant to be a cosmetologist!

Think you’ve got what it takes? Schedule your tour at VICI Beauty School today and get the ball rolling! Before you know it, your passion will be your career!

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Student Spotlight: Lola

When VICI Beauty School is trying to decide which student should be featured on our blog, we talk to our staff for ideas. Jen, the head of Admissions, knew exactly who deserved a little time in the limelight this month. She told us how Lola has high attendance, is doing well on the clinic floor and is a mom. She’s a busy student, but thankfully she was able to meet with us and tell us what makes her successful.

VICI Beauty School: Why did you decide to go into the cosmetology field?
Lola: In high school I always liked doing my own hair, and me and my best friend would always do each others hair, makeup and nails. That’s where it all began. It wasn’t my first choice – I was a correctional officer before I came here – but I’m glad I came back and did it. I am enjoying this, and I love the positive work environment.

VICI: Why did you decide on VICI Beauty School?
Lola: Honestly it was because of Jen. I toured a lot of different schools and I felt the most welcomed here. I even said that at other schools I felt judged for not knowing how to curl with a curling iron. Jen was totally fine with it and welcomed me.

VICI: What do you like about VICI?
Lola: Now that I’ve been here for a while, I really like how all the instructors are helpful. They are very personable. Even if I have personal issues, I can still talk to them. They are very understanding and really helpful.

VICI: You’ve got a little girl at home. How do you balance being a mom with being a student?
Lola: I wouldn’t be able to do it without my mom. Her support means everything. I don’t know how I’d do it without her. It’s hard, but I know that this will get me to where I want to be. I feel more positive when I’m here so when I go home, I’m more positive. That wasn’t the case when I was working as a correctional officer.

VICI: What would you like to do after you graduate?
Lola: I have a job set up, and after I put a few years in there, I’d like to come back and be an instructor.

VICI: What advice would you give to a student just starting?
Lola: Be patient. Have an open mind and let your creativeness come out. Everyone is helpful but you have to understand that a lot is going on. Oh, and all the students are very welcoming.

We’re sure Lola is going to be great at a salon after graduation, and her compassion and patience will make her a great cosmetology instructor one day!

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VICI Alumni Spotlight: Cecilia, Owner of Aesthetics by Cecilia

Some students choose to work for a salon or spa after graduation. Others choose a more independent route and go into business for themselves. This was the case for Cecilia, who began her career as a freelance makeup artist almost immediately after graduating from VICI Beauty School. We recently caught up with Cecilia to find out how she succeeds working for herself.

VICI: Why did you choose to start your own freelance business, and what have been the challenges?
Cecilia: I’ve always been extremely entrepreneurial in spirit so going into esthetics school, I definitely knew that I wanted to be my own boss. I love being able to set my own schedule, work the hours that I want to work, have control over the products that I use on my clients and be able to make the big decisions that matter in a business. It’s definitely a challenge every day, but that’s why I love it! When I first started freelancing, I knew I needed a website and that was pretty easy but getting people to go to that website has been A LOT more difficult. Search engine optimization, advertising, networking and social media are a huge part of how I get new clients, and I had to learn all of that from scratch. Also, I spend most of my working time alone since I don’t have any coworkers! That can feel super isolating, so I’ve since found a group of creative entrepreneurs who meet once a month, so that’s really fun.

VICI: What’s been the most rewarding part of working for yourself?
Cecilia: The most rewarding part of working for myself is seeing how satisfied my clients are and being able to spend as much time with my family as I’d like to. I love doing the reveals at the end of the service, my clients are always so excited to see their makeup and you can tell that they feel really good about themselves. I’m also able to have time to take fun trips with my husband and not worry about having enough PTO or anything like that.

VICI: Have you done any additional education since graduating?
Cecilia: I’ve taken so many classes on social media strategy, advertising, and business management. Also, classes for automating business and things like that. I’m planning to get certified to do eyelash extensions by the end of the year, so I’m super excited about that as well!

VICI: How did VICI Beauty School prepare you for a career after graduation?
Cecilia: Working on the clinic floor was super beneficial to me! It’s a good glimpse into what your job as an esthetician will be like. I paid a lot of attention to how the front desk and Char interacted with clients and mitigated any problems, so that was a good introduction into how I should run my own business.

VICI: Do you think a stylist could work full time as a makeup artist in the Midwest?
Cecilia: I personally work part-time currently but I think that someone could easily work full time as a makeup artist in the Midwest. To be clear, being a makeup artist isn’t 100% doing makeup either. It’s cleaning your brushes, setting up your kit for the next gig, emailing back and forth with clients, planning and creating social media posts, blogs, and advertising strategies, and retailing products if you can! I probably only spend 2-3 full days a week actually doing makeup!

VICI: What advice would you give to a student who is nearing graduation?
Cecilia: Take your State Board exam early if you can!! I did mine almost 3-4 weeks before my graduation date, as early as I possibly could. Employers are so impressed when you do this and all the information is still fresh in your brain! Also, be nice to your fellow classmates. School is a great chance to network and someone you know may end up working at a salon that you end up having an interview at down the line. The beauty community in Milwaukee is very small!

To see more of Cecilia’s work, you can visit her website HERE or you can follow her on Instagram.

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The Biggest Women’s Hair Trends for 2017

Whether it’s a brand new color shade, extra-short or long layers and fringes, or the recreation of an old celebrity’s hairstyle, each year invariably brings new hairstyles and trends – as well as the rehashing of old ones. Here are the biggest women’s hair trends for 2017 so far:

1. Platinum blond: seen in celebrities such as Cara Delevingne and Katy Perry who have opted to mask their natural hair color in preference for bleaching their locks an artificial platinum silver-blonde color. Bonus points if you dare to cut your hair with some of the best hair clippers and then color it platinum blond. Then you will really be on trend!

platinum blonde

source: Refinery29

2. The Shag, growing up and out: the shag was the rising star of haircuts in 2016. This year those bangs and layers are all grown up and grown out. The grown-out shag is a hairstyle that subtly hints at a shag cut without going the whole way.

Source: Instagram

3. Marilyn Monroe style: Max Mara revived her distinctive style. Now Sam McKnight the hairdresser has recreated her famous blonde hair to the finest detail. Whatever the inspiration, it’s great to see that hair back in style and to be able to reminisce about the old days of hair couture.

4. High ponytail: This style is pure elegance and simplicity. It has long been known in the hair styling industry that slicking your hair all the way up gives your face a more lifted, angular and Roman look.

5. Sleek and center-parted: This style is also simple but effective. Hair that’s shiny, straight and parted straight down the middle is one of the hottest women’s trends for 2017.

6. The Blunt-style Bob: the only bob in town this year is one that’s sharp and blunt – as seen on Rihanna and Selena Gomez.

Source: Pinterest

7. Hair flip: this is just about the easiest hairstyle to copy this year. Simply flip your hair over from one side of your hair to the other to create huge volume. And the amount of effort required on your part? None. This is a great look for women who are short on time.

8. Shiny and slick: this one was a huge hit at 2017 Spring Fashion Week. Slick, shiny looking hair can look just as good out on the street as on the catwalk. Just work some styling cream into your hair working from the roots down to mid length to get that distinctive shiny look.

9. Loose, low braids: this is another big hairstyle in 2017, made popular by Nicole Kidman, Sara Sampaio and others at Cannes.

10. Cher-style: extra long hair extensions are an enduring style, and they’re just as big this year as in any other. Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, among others, have been seen sporting them in recent months.

11. Flat iron waves: Kendall Jenner and others have made this style their own; straight, flat waves are created using your own flat iron. They give your hair a wavy, windswept look but are far less bouncy and flamboyant than most wave styles out there. This is another look for those who appreciate subtlety and simplicity.

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Guest Artist Erin Teaches Us about Lash Extenstions

Our esthiology class had the opportunity to learn about lash extensions up close and personal today. Erin, a VICI Beauty School grad, visited us and brought all of her amazing NovaLash supplies with her. Erin works as an esthetician at Stella’s Salon and Spa and took the initiative to become NovaLash certified after beauty school. We learned about the tools needed, how application works, and more. Erin also shared lots of tips about succeeding in esthiology school and how to find a job after graduation.

lash class

lash class

esthetics school

esthetics school

esthetics school

esthetics school

esthetics school

Thanks so much to Erin for teaching our future estheticians about lash extensions. We’re sure some of our students will continue their education with this service after graduation. And thanks to Lauren for being her model!

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