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Student Spotlight: Xander

We have a lot of amazing students at VICI Beauty School, but every now and then one comes along that really surprises us. Xander is one of the most positive people we know, and others have noticed too. People ask him all the time “how do you stay to positive?” We wanted to get to […]

5 Ways to Succeed in Beauty School

5 Ways to Succeed in Beauty School

Ready to start beauty school? Beauty school only lasts a year, so you’ll want to make the most of your time. With drive and passion, you can succeed as a cosmetologist. Make sure you’re putting in effort in order to get the most out of your education. Check out these five ways to succeed, and […]

VICI Alumni Spotlight: Chelsea at Legacy Salon

We love seeing how students succeed in the beauty industry after graduating from VICI Beauty School. We recently caught up with Chelsea, who graduated in December of 2016. She now works at Legacy Salon and Day Spa in Hales Corners, and we are so inspired by her color work, we wanted to learn more about […]

6 Answers to Your Questions About Makeup Artistry

Do you have questions about makeup artistry? There’s a lot to be said about the makeup industry, and while we can only touch on a few things right now, we want to answer 6 of our most asked questions! If you want to learn even more, come in for an esthetics program tour. 1. Do […]

How to Get Hired in the Beauty Industry

how to get hired in the beauty industry

Thinking about getting a career in the beauty industry? It’s a growing field with lots of opportunities you can easily turn into a life long career, as long as you know how to get started. Here are some tips to help you get hired in the beauty industry. Take Extra Classes in Beauty School Everyone […]

5 Myths About Beauty School: BUSTED

5 myths about beauty school

So you think you know everything there is about beauty school? We hope you’ve been doing your research (or you’ve checked out our other beauty blog posts) but there’s a chance you still believe one or two myths that are floating around. Let’s nip those in the bud and bust some beauty school myths! Myth […]

5 Beauty School Tools You’ll Need

5 beauty school tools you need

Did you know every stylist has a tool kit? No, it’s not filled with hammers and screwdrivers, but it is filled with everything a hair dresser needs to succeed. When you start beauty school, you’ll receive a kit filled with all kinds of tools and products. These will help you journey through beauty school. Here […]

10 Quick Tips about Cosmetology School

10 Quick Tips about Cosmetology School

Thinking about attending cosmetology school? There’s a lot of amazing information available to help you decide on a school and career path, but all of that info at once might feel a little overwhelming. Here are 10 quick tips that you need to know when you start your research into cosmetology schools! 1. Cosmetology Careers […]

10 Signs You Should be a Cosmetologist

10 Signs You Should be a Cosmetologist

Sometimes we make choices we aren’t totally sure of, and other times, we just know. If you’re destined to be a cosmetologist, there are probably signs pointing loudly and clearly to this career path. Think cosmetology and you are a perfect match? Let’s find out! 1. The only channels you watch on Youtube are hair […]

VICI Alumni Spotlight: Karaline at VICI Capilli

Do you ever wonder what VICI Beauty School alumni are up to? The Alumni Spotlight is your chance to find out! Every month we feature a student who is working in the beauty industry and becoming the amazing stylist we know they can be. This month, we’re shining our spotlight on Karaline, who is a […]

Student Spotlight: Sarah

sarah student spotlight

When VICI Beauty School is trying to decide which student should be featured on our blog, we talk to our staff for ideas. Jen, the head of Admissions, knew exactly who deserved a little time in the limelight this month. She told us about Sarah, who thoughtfully gets candy for her children clients, volunteers to […]

5 Amazing Hair Stylists We Admire

There are so many amazing hair stylists who inspire us. It’s hard to choose just a few, but several make us want to become the best stylists possible. From color and marketing to innovation and influence, each of these amazing hair stylists has done something to break the mold. We hope our students can be […]

5 Beauty School Financial Aid Resources You Didn’t Think Of

5 Beauty School Financial Aid Resources You Didn't Think Of

We talk a lot about financial aid resources because we know how important they are! Financial aid makes beauty school attainable for many of our students. Between FAFSA, grants, loans and scholarships, there are lots of ways to finance your journey through cosmetology school. Here are 5 financial aid resources you probably didn’t even know […]

What It Takes to Become an Esthetician

what is takes to become an esthetician

Skincare, waxing and makeup are all big parts of esthiology. To become an esthetician, though, you’ll need more than just a set of skills. Estheticians need a certain personality and presence, in addition to skills, to succeed in the beauty industry. You’ll Need a Calming Presence Typically, estheticians work in spas where the environment is […]

How to Go to Beauty School and Be a Mom: Hear from our Staff and Students


Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs out there. It’s 24/7, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have time to pursue your dreams or goals. You can be a mom and go to beauty school with the right planning and support set up around you. We met with staff and students here at […]

Student Spotlight: Cap

Our students are amazing, which is why every month we feature one who is going above and beyond at VICI Beauty School. Cap, a cosmetology student at our Milwaukee campus, originally was set on esthiology, but after talking with our administration team, decided to try cosmetology. Now she’s succeeding at both hair and skincare! She’s […]

4 Tips You Need to Know Before Starting Beauty School

Beauty school is your opportunity to use your creativity in an amazing career. During beauty school, students learn the basics on hair cutting, coloring and styling, as well as skincare, business techniques and marketing – and this is just within a single program. It can be a bit overwhelming when you start, though. To get […]

VICI Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer at Pink Lemonade Salon

Our students are amazing, and they don’t stop being amazing after graduation. Every month, we catch up with one of our alumni to see what they are up to. We’re so excited to show you how our graduates are succeeding in the beauty industry. Jennifer Volkert graduated from VICI Beauty School’s cosmetology program, and now […]

4 Ways Esthiology Can Take You Far

Estheticians focus on skincare, waxing, facials and makeup. You might think the only way to earn a living as an esthetician is by working in a spa, but actually the career possibilities far exceed that. Esthiology can take you far in your professional life in more ways than one. 1. You Can Work for Yourself […]

Own A Salon: Here’s How

For many cosmetologists, the dream is to eventually own their own salon. It seems like a big dream, but with the right goals in place, it is totally attainable. If you want to own your very own salon one day, here’s what you need to know. Get Your Start by Working in a Salon Before […]