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Since our Star Trek Beyond: Cosmetology Competition is coming up, we wanted to share a few tips and tricks from our esthiology students so you can create your own alien look at home. We’re sure your makeup will totally be out of this world if you follow this advice. Want to see what our students can do? Come to our competition at our south campus on July 21, 2016!

How To Create an Alien with Makeup

– Use washable glue sticks to block out eyebrows. Either apply the glue straight from the stick onto the brow or use a palette knife to scrape off glue and apply it. (We prefer the latter method.) You’ll need to apply the glue in layers, 3 to 4, depending on the thickness of your brows.
– To make foreheads more pronounced or cheeks more sunken, apply dark colors in the contours of the face. Dark colors on the cheekbone can raise the look of cheekbones, and dark colors on the temple near the arc of the brow make foreheads bulge.
– Don’t have liquid latex? Use eyelash glue to apply lightweight, small pieces like rhinestones or feathers. Appliques can really take your look to a whole new level. You can find lots of great appliques at craft and art stores.
– Use various household objects to create texture and designs on skin. Fishnets create scales. Scotch tape can make lines and geometric designs. Sea sponges in cream or liquid makeup create a blotchy effect. Mud face masks can create a broken and clay like texture. Experiment and see what works for you!

Give Your Creature a Back Story

Create a story for your character. That will help you come up with a design. Is your alien from a hot and humid planet? Maybe they have the skin of a frog then, and your makeup patterns should mirror that. Is your alien royalty from a technologically advanced planet? You might want to use a lot of metallic decals or gold makeup to create a wealthy appearance. Or you could paint tiny circuit boards across your alien’s face. Your character’s background will help you create a one-of-a-kind creature.

Feeling inspired? Start playing with your makeup and create something awesome. We’d love to see it! Tag us on social media or use our hashtag #vicibeautyschool. Join us on July 21, 2016 at 5pm for snacks, free Star Trek Swag and makeup inspiration at our south campus. We’ll see you there!

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Image: Jolien Rosanne