Instructor Program

Join our team and share your passion! If you have a strong commitment to the beauty industry and you have the desire to share your knowledge with  tomorrow’s cosmetology students, enroll in VICI Beauty School’s Instructor Program. Our convenient schedule makes it easy and affordable for anyone to become an instructor quickly. This program is only available at our Milwaukee campus.

Program Schedule

Mondays from 9am – 3pm.

There will be approximately 10 hours per week of homework. There are 32 observation hours, and 40 student teaching hours to be fulfilled based on availability/scheduling.

Start Dates


SubjectsTheory HoursPractical Hours
Orientation Goals, rules, and review of curriculum140
Teaching skills Objectives, competencies, methods, lesson planning, teaching techniques of the practical laboratory, interpersonal relations, evaluation and grading principles640
Facilitating/ Managing skills Classroom management, communications, counseling, record keeping and safety / first aid.320
Supervised Teaching (prerequisite items 1,2,&3) Practical applications on the clinic floor and basic skills of practical teaching techniques.40
Total Hours (150)11040