COVID-19 Response: VICI Capilli Salon & Spa is now open again, and VICI Beauty School is scheduled to reopen on May 27, 2020. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time for all of us, we look forward to serving you again soon! Our staff and students are required to wear masks while performing services on our guests, and to the extent possible, guests are required to wear masks as well. We ask that our guests kindly bring their own mask.

Meet: Jennifer

“VICI helped prepare me for my salon job in a few ways. Obviously, for one, all of my hair cutting, coloring and styling skills. I had already felt a little more advanced in my training with my first salon job compared to some of the other newer stylists hired on at the same time as me. VICI also organizes their clinical (on floor training) up at school to be comparable to a regular work day at a salon; from scheduling, to timing, and even duties at the end of the day. VICI also gave my classmates and I the opportunity to shadow a few salons, which helped show me what I did and didn’t like about a few salons I shadowed, and what I wanted to look for after graduation.”