10 Beauty School Terms & What They Mean

We’re all about beauty knowledge, and even though you haven’t enrolled in cosmetology school, we wanted to share a mini lesson with you! How many of these terms do you know?

1. Cuticle – It is the hard, outer, protective layer of the hair.
When healthy, they provide sheen to the hair.

2. Coretx – It is the main structure of the hair shaft. This actually determines the color and texture of the hair and is considered the largest section of the hair.

3. Permanent (Perm) – Hair that is restructured with a chemical or heat treatment. This is generally a long-lasting or permanent change to your hair. It’s how you get those curls to stay!

4. Norwood Scale – It is the most commonly used scale for the classification of hair loss.

5. Barbicide – It is a brand name of sanitizer used to disinfect salon implements. And everything needs to be disinfected to keep our guests safe!

6. Chignon – It’s a sophisticated, elegant up-style. This is where the hair is twisted (either in a knot or a roll) and pinned from the nape of the neck.

7. Relax – To chemically straighten the hair, gently smooth out curl, reduce frizz. Or what happens in the esthiology clinic!

8. Keratin – You’ve probably heard of this one but weren’t quite sure what it was. Kertain is the fibrous protein found in hair, nails, and skin.

9. Patch Test – This is the test that is performed to determine skin sensitivity to beauty products.

10. Epidermis – Thin outer layer of the skin. Bet you didn’t know it had a name.

Do you feel like you’re a beauty expert by now? If you want to take your beauty knowledge even farther, we’d love to teach you all about it at VICI Beauty School.

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