10 Signs You Should be a Cosmetologist


Sometimes we make choices we aren’t totally sure of, and other times, we just know. If you’re destined to be a cosmetologist, there are probably signs pointing loudly and clearly to this career path. Think cosmetology and you are a perfect match? Let’s find out!

1. The only channels you watch on Youtube are hair and makeup related.

If you’ve ever tried just watching one tutorial before bed and ended up down a rabbit hole of cut creases and french braids at 2am, cosmetology is for you.


2. You can’t leave the house if your hair or makeup isn’t done (even if it’s just to the grocery store).

We get it. You love hair and makeup, and you see every chance to leave the house as an opportunity to show off your skills. And if your plans get cancelled, you’re still going out. You can’t waste a good hair day!


3. You do everyone’s hair for prom, dates or just because.

When your friends need to look their best, who do they come to? You, of course!


4. You’ve colored your hair just about every shade possible.

Blue, green, purple, brunette, blonde – been there, done that. Become a legit cosmetologist and you can learn how to color hair in a healthy and safe way! Leave the bathroom color jobs in the past.


5. You’ve trimmed your bangs more than once – sometimes successful, sometimes not.

The temptation for DIY bangs is tempting. If you’ve tried it, then you’re just like us.


6. You get really excited when a new hair or makeup product is about to drop.

You mark the release dates of new products on your calendar, and you’re first in line when the store opens. We feel you.


7. You’re artistic and creative.

Put those creative juices to use! Lots of cosmetologists are artists who use hair or makeup as their medium.


8. All your clothes are black.

You already have the wardrobe of a stylist. Why not make that your career?


9. Your bathroom has more hair and makeup products in it than it can handle.

If opening your bathroom cabinet results in a tsunami of hair sprays, leave-in conditioners and eye shadow palettes, you might want to consider a career in cosmetology. Or a closet organizer.


10. You love helping other people feel good.

At the end of the day, cosmetologists want their clients to feel happy and confident. If you love helping others feel good, then you’re meant to be a cosmetologist!


Think you’ve got what it takes? Schedule your tour at VICI Beauty School today and get the ball rolling! Before you know it, your passion will be your career!

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