Cosmetology Careers: 3 Reasons to Consider a Career in Beauty

Looking into a new career can be one of the most exciting, yet challenging, things you can do. For some people, a “new career” could simply be your first one, right out of high school or college. For others, this could be a second, third, or fourth career change you are looking into. Either way, knowing where to start is often the biggest hurdle. For those interested in enjoying a job where you can interact with people, be creative, and explore a variety of unique and exciting paths, cosmetology careers may be the right fit for you.

Here are three reasons you should consider cosmetology careers.

1) Earn Your Degree in Less Than a Year

Whether you are looking to transition careers, get back into the workforce, or just find a career path out of high school, time is money. For many people, enrolling in a traditional four-year program isn’t the most realistic, or attractive, option. Finances are tough, and the cost of college continues to rise, so spending years at school only to be rewarded with a student loan bill doesn’t always sound like “the dream.”

That’s a big selling point for those looking into cosmetology careers – you can complete most programs in less than a year. At VICI, for example, our cosmetology program includes 1800 hours of extensive hands-on learning, all in less than a year. Being able to master your art through school and training so quickly means you’ll rack up less debt in less time, and you can enter the workforce ready to go.

Also, many cosmetology schools and programs enroll mothers. For them, taking as little time away from their family is incredibly important, and one of the many reasons they decide on cosmetology careers.

2) Flexibility and Creativity are Built Into the Profession

When you think of flexible careers or creative careers, your mind should jump to cosmetology careers. That’s because whether you are working as a hairstylist or salon owner (and everything in between), you’ll find that your job embraces creativity, and most allow you the flexibility and freedom you need to maintain your busy life.

Take hair styling, for example. You may earn your cosmetology degree and decide you want to work as a stylist in a salon near your home. Most salons use shift scheduling, which basically means you work the hours that are best for you. So, if you have kids at school during the day, you may be able to work a schedule that has you home by 4:00pm. Or, if you have a commitment during the day but have your evenings open, you could work 3:00pm to close (or something like that). The point is that working in the beauty industry means you work directly with people, so schedules are bound to be flexible.

In addition to being flexible, cosmetology careers are also the ideal outlet for you to express your artistic side – and get paid for it.

3) Cosmetology Careers = Options

Not only can you earn your degree in less than a year and work in a creative industry, but if you decide to pursue a career in cosmetology, you can expect to have options. That’s because cosmetology programs help set you up for a variety of different career paths, depending on what most interests you.

For example, if you are really passionate about the latest trends in hair styling, you’ll have all the tools you need in beauty school to pursue that dream. At the same time and in the same program, you could be studying hard about the sales side of beauty – like being a sales representative or salon manager. This means that with just a single degree, you have multiple career options laid out for you.

On top of that, the beauty industry as a whole is trending upward in terms of job outlook, and, the average cosmetologist salary continues to climb.

If you are curious about what a career in the cosmetology world looks like and how you can get started today, download Your Guide to a Career in Beauty!

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