4 Ways Esthiology Can Take You Far

4 Ways Esthiology Can Take You Far

Estheticians focus on skincare, waxing, facials and makeup. You might think the only way to earn a living as an esthetician is by working in a spa, but actually the career possibilities far exceed that. Esthiology can take you far in your professional life in more ways than one.

1. You Can Work for Yourself

Many estheticians go into business for themselves. They are their own boss and they succeed based on their work ethic. It’s not an easy path, but it’s extremely rewarding and has the potential to be whatever you make it. Some estheticians offer on-site services like makeup applications. There will always be brides, so on-site makeup will always be in style. You’ll also find estheticians at runway shows and at photo shoots. When you work for yourself, you can choose which clients and gigs you want.

2. You Can Start Your Own Skincare Line

If you’re passionate about skincare (and you should be if you’re an esthetician) you could start your own product line. Many cosmetic and skincare lines got their start by someone who loves the beauty industry. If you start you own line, you have to understand that you’ll need to do it for more reasons than “I want to help people feel good in their skin.” Your product line is a business, and you’ll need to prepare for that. You’ll work a ton, test your products, build a marketing plan and more. Seeing your business grow from an idea to reality will be one of the most rewarding career choices you make. Eventually you could see your products on the shelves in salons or retail stores.

3. You’ll Have the Opportunity to Work at High End Spas

If you know you want to work in a spa, you can still go far in your career. Salons and spas ARE NOT dead ends. Luxury spas are stunning places to work, and their services match the luxury experience. In turn, their prices also have a luxury feel. Clients may spend $300, $400 or more just for one service. The path to working in a luxury spa is a long one. You need amazing customer service and phenomenal esthetician skills. This may not be the career you get straight out of school, but it’s what you can work towards.

4. You Can Spend Decades Perfecting Your Esthetics Career

Esthiology is the perfect career for people who know they want to help others feel beautiful. They know this is what their life needs and they want to do it for decades. Successful estheticians build a loyal client base, and this takes time. While some clients may come and go, for the most part, the beauty industry really doesn’t deal with significant dips in the market. People will always need their skin cared for. This doesn’t mean you can set up shop and just expect clients to come, but if you market yourself and build your base, you’re set. The better you become with your services and with your guests, the more clients you’ll have. You can be successful for years and constantly work to perfect your craft.

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