5 Amazing Hair Stylists We Admire


There are so many amazing hair stylists who inspire us. It’s hard to choose just a few, but several make us want to become the best stylists possible. From color and marketing to innovation and influence, each of these amazing hair stylists has done something to break the mold. We hope our students can be as successful as these five hair dressers one day.

Guy Tang

guy tang

When it comes to color, we admire the work of Guy Tang so much. His color designs are magical and always impressive. He’s also an educator, always teaching stylists about his formulas and how to create stunning finishes either on stage or through social media. And he’s amazing on social media, inspiring us to market ourselves the way Guy Tang markets himself. What he’s doing is working – he’s so busy he can’t take any new clients. He’s even started his own color line. We hope to be as busy as Guy one day!

Stephanie Brinkerhoff

hair and makeup by steph

You’ve probably seen Stephanie’s work somewhere on the web and may not have even realized it. Stephanie’s bridal hair styles cover Instagram and Pinterest and inspire hair stylists everywhere to give brides gorgeous updos, us included. She began her career as a bridal hair specialist in 2007, shortly before graduating cosmetology school. She now travels world-wide for destination weddings and to teach bridal hair workshops. She is the resident bridal expert for behindthechair.com, and her hairstyles are internationally recognized, both in the bridal industry and the hair styling industry.

Antoinette Beenders

Antoinette oversees the Global Artistic Team at Aveda and is responsible for Aveda’s global image. She is a world-renowned, award-winning hair stylist. Like many of our students, Antoinette was hooked on hair styling from a young age. When she was 12, she was struck by Bo Derek’s cornrows, which she immediately tried on her father’s photography assistant. She said her father even photographed it, which became Antoinette’s first shoot. She’s been hooked ever since. Now she’s responsible for all of the looks and photos that Aveda creates. Her work is seen across every Aveda salon, the website, and – really – the world. She inspires us to dream big.

Vidal Sassoon

While we admire a lot of present day hair stylists, we also appreciate the work that came before our time. Hair styling has a long and amazing history. Where would we be without stylists who reinvented the industry? Vidal Sassoon was a British and American hairstylist, businessman, and philanthropist. Close-cut, geometric styles became all the rage in the 60s because of this man. Bob cuts weren’t popular until Sassoon brought them to the forefront of fashion. The bobs and pixie cuts you see today often hearken back to Vidal Sassoon’s work. He came from extreme poverty, so much so that at age 11, his single mother decided to place her children in an orphanage. Despite all the hardships he endured, Vidal Sassoon became the most famous hairstylist of all time, some argue. We hope to have as much influence as this amazing stylist one day.

Irvine Rusk

Powerful and edgy cuts became popular because of Irvine Rusk. He created texture in hair that no one had seen before. He designed the very first texturizing shears based on his drawing in the 1970s. The alpha and beta blades are still used today when stylists want to create intense texture. In addition to the shears, he invented and created a line of products in different categories to help clients obtain the look at home. We can’t just credit Irvine, though. His wife, Louise, played a large role in the success of the Rusk business. In 2011, the pair was still coming out with new products. To be as innovative as Irvine Rusk is definitely a career goal.

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