5 Beauty School Tools You’ll Need


Did you know every stylist has a tool kit? No, it’s not filled with hammers and screwdrivers, but it is filled with everything a hair dresser needs to succeed. When you start beauty school, you’ll receive a kit filled with all kinds of tools and products. These will help you journey through beauty school. Here are just a few of the beauty school tools you’ll need.

1. Scissors and Shears

Scissors and shears are two of the most important items you’ll have as a cosmetologist. You’ll need them for almost every appointment you have. And these aren’t the scissors you used in grade school to make art projects. You’ll need to care for your scissors and shears, keeping the blades sharp and clean. The better kept your tools, the less damage they cause to hair. Blunt scissors can leave slightly jagged cuts whereas sharp hair shears create a clean cut.

2. Mannequin Heads

Another important beauty school tool is a mannequin head. Before you start working on actual guests, you’ll need to practice on mannequin heads. And you’ll practice a lot! This is your guinea pig for haircuts, coloring, perms and more.

3. Styling Combs

Your kit will contain several combs, which you’ll use for parting and styling. Combs are vital and you’ll be glad to have more than one. You’ll use your combs for detangling, teasing, weaving, lifting, and of course, basic combing, and every type of comb performs different tasks. You need volume hair combs with double-tip ends to protect scalps and rat-tails with extra long pins for foil work and weaving. For guests with long locks, you could use a longer handled styling comb. Combs with wide teeth ease wet hair through the detangling process, without pressure. Finer teeth assist with precision work.

4. Water Bottles and Clips

Shears aren’t the only tool you’ll need for hair cutting. Water bottles and clips come in handy. Water makes it easy to cut and style hair and clips will keep sections of hair out of your way when working. Without these often overlooked tools, your work as a stylist will be a lot harder.

5. Aprons

You’ll need to protect your clothing when you work as a hair stylist. Cosmetologists are always working with chemicals, hair color, water, bleach and more. You don’t want any of that to end up on your clothes. Aprons keep hair and products off your clothes.

Ready to get your kit? Schedule your tour at VICI Beauty School today and get the ball rolling! Before you know it, you’ll have all the tools you need to succeed in this industry!

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