5 Cosmetology Careers for After Beauty School

5 Cosmetology Careers for After Beauty School

After a year of hard work, you’ll graduate from cosmetology school ready to take on the industry! But what exactly can you do with your new license? There are plenty of cosmetology careers out there that you can conquer after beauty school.

1. Hair Dresser

This is probably the first career that comes to mind when you think “beauty school.” You’ll learn tons of skills in cosmetology school that will help you become a hair stylist. And it’s a great career to go into. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, this field is expected to grow by 10%, which is faster than the average for all occupations. There will be plenty of jobs waiting for you once you get out of school.

2. Makeup Artist

Makeup artists work just about anywhere on just about anyone. They help brides, they are on set for photo shoots, they work at television studios and they help out at haunted houses. As a makeup artist, you really can work pretty much anywhere. You’ll need to know about color theory, skin care, sanitation, face shapes and more, but cosmetology school will prepare you for all that.

3. Beauty Blogger

Once you’ve learned a ton about beauty, why not share that knowledge with others! As a beauty blogger, you’d test and review products, you’d share tips and tricks and you’d offer tutorials. Beauty blogging, while it sounds fun, isn’t easy. It requires a lot of drive. You need to write consistently, market yourself, and invest in products and equipment. If your blog takes off, you’ll have a career!

4. Hair Colorist

Hair colorists are experts in, you guessed it, color! They understand how to choose colors and treatments to best fit guests based on their face shape, skin tone and hair type. Hair colorists are creative individuals who need to know a lot about hair.

5. Beauty Advisors

If you love tons of different hair and makeup products, you should consider a career as a beauty advisor. In this cosmetology career, you’ll help guests in a retail setting find the perfect products. You’ll need to factor in a lot of guest details before making recommendations. It’s a great career for cosmetologists who love meeting new people every day.

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