5 Hairstyles You’ll Learn to Do In Cosmetology School

5 Hairstyles You’ll Learn to Do In Cosmetology School

You learn to do a lot in cosmetology school, but the most obvious skills you’ll learn are how to style hair! From perms to hair straightening, you’ll understand the basics of tons of hairstyles so you can help any client. We’ll walk you through five hairstyles right now so you can get a teeny grasp of all the amazing stuff you’ll learn in beauty school.

1. Perms


Perms, aka ‘permanent waves,’ create beautiful, lasting curls. Cosmetology students set hair into waves and curls and then use chemicals to set the style for months. Lots of clients want this style, so it’s important you know how to do it! Perms break down the bonds of hair structure. The hair swells and softens around the mold of the curls, creating a beautiful new style. You’ll learn more about that in your cosmetology classes.

2. Chignon


A chignon is a knot or coil of hair arranged on the back of a woman’s head. It’s a beautiful updo style that many women request for special events. To create a chignon, hair is pinned into a knot at the nape of the neck, but there are lots of variations on this style. Cosmetology school is the perfect time to experiment with these different techniques.

3. Hair Straightening and Thermal Relaxers


Another popular style you’ll learn about in beauty school is hair straightening and thermal relaxing. Remember when we talked about using chemicals to curl hair? You can use chemicals to straighten hair, as well. It’s a long process, but it’s worth it for many clients who struggle with unruly natural hair.

4. Braids


There are tons of braid styles, and you’ll cover many of them in cosmetology school. You’ll work on French braids, Dutch braids, fishtails and more. There’s plenty to practice. You’ll want to work hard on braids because you’ll incorporate them into lots of different updos and styles. Braids are super popular, so you’ll want to master them!

5. Bridal Updos


A final hairstyle you’ll work on in beauty school is updos. There’s no specific way to style an updo, so you’ll get to practice lots of different techniques. When it comes to updos, possibly the most important clients you’ll work on are brides. You’ll want to perfect your techniques so you can make every bride feel beautiful on their big day.

Want to try your hand at creating these styles? Our Admissions department would be happy to talk to you about enrollment options. Once enrolled, you’ll learn about the styles above, as well as sanitation, business practices, cuts and colors and everything else to be a successful stylist.

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