5 Reasons Why People Love Cosmetology School

5 Reasons Why People Love Cosmetology School

Thinking about going into the beauty industry? There are lots of amazing reasons to work as a hair stylist, eshtetician or makeup artist. There are lots of great reasons to start cosmetology school, too!

1. The Course Only Takes a Year

Cosmetology school only takes about a year. Many people want to start a new, exciting career, but they don’t have years to dedicate to its education. That’s why we love cosmetology. In one year, you can take your state boards and start your career working in a salon or spa.

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2. You Meet Lots of Amazing People

When you start your journey in cosmetology school, you’ll meet a lot of new, amazing people. First, you’ll meet instructors who are excited to see your grow in this industry. You’ll meet fellow students who have many of the same inspirations and interests as you. Many students become lifelong friends. Then, once you reach the clinic floor, you’ll meet your clients. Lots of clients are weekly visitors and they become friends with their student stylist. For some, it’s a bittersweet moment when a student finally graduates. Guests are excited to see their friend become a hair stylist but sad to see them go. You really make lasting bonds with the people at beauty school, so much so that you’ll want photos with your favorites when you graduate, which is what Kori did with her regular guest, Dorothy!

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3. You Get to Use Your Creativity

Many stylists-to-be love beauty school because they get to use their creativity in this industry more than any other. Whether it’s applying avant garde makeup or coloring someone’s hair with pastel colors, there are lots of ways to create something brand new. Not every day requires the same amount of creativity, but on Halloween, during runway shows or when practicing your makeup skills, you get to be extra.

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4. You Help People Feel Better About Themselves

One of the most rewarding parts of being in this industry is helping people feel better about themselves. Sometimes all it takes is a new haircut or a fresh hair color to turn someone’s day around. People come to you to relax, be pampered, and treat themsleves to “me time.” Time they spend with you is important. As a cosmetologist, you have the ability to change how someone sees themselves and make their day brighter.

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5. Cosmetology School Instructors Want You to Succeed

When you go to beauty school, you’ll be in a much smaller class than if you attend a university. Instructors at beauty school get to know their students and want them to succeed. They spend a lot of time with their students, and seeing their students go on to work in a salon or spa makes them beam. It’s rewarding for the instructors when a student finally masters a skill or gives a guest a great experience. On graduation day, it can be hard for teachers to say goodbye to the students they’ve seen grow so much, but it’s also exciting! We want our students to take on the beauty industry with all the passion we know they have!

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