5 Skills a Beauty Writer Should Learn

Many stylists and beauty lovers take their cosmetology careers to the next level by starting beauty blogs or writing for magazines and beauty companies. To be a successful writer, you will need to know more than just beauty tips and tricks, though. These are the skills you’ll need to be the best beauty writer around.

1. Know Your Grammar

The quickest way to lose an audience is with obvious grammar and spelling mistakes. The best writers know their grammar rules and use them to create sentences their readers can easily understand.

2. You Need to Edit

One of the hardest parts of writing is having to change what you’ve created. Beauty writers often have to edit down their pieces, change paragraphs and rewrite sections. You can’t be too attached to your work because you’ll likely need to change it.

3. Do Your Research

Before you start writing, you’ll need to do some research. You need to make sure you really understand the products or techniques you’re teaching to your readers. You can use other reputable sources to do your research, or you can try products yourself. However you conduct research, just make sure you know what you’re talking about.

4. Basic Web Knowledge

If you’re writing your own beauty blog, you should have some basic web design and search engine optimization skills. You want your blog to look professional and be found by Google. It’s not enough to write amazing content – you want someone to actually read it!

5. You Need to Network

As a beauty writer, you’ll need to network with other professionals in the industry. If you work for a magazine, you’ll want to have an arsenal of designers, makeup artists, hair stylists and cosmetic company owners at your disposal. You may need to reach out for research, tips or interviews. As a beauty blogger, one of the best things you can do is network with other local artists. Having a network with area cosmetologists, shop owners or designers will help your blog grow.

The best beauty writers are experts, and they have a great education to back them up. Our Admissions department would love to talk to you if you’re interested in pursuing a career in cosmetology! We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about careers after beauty school.

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