5 Ways You’ll Succeed in Beauty School

5 Ways You'll Succeed in Beauty School

It takes more than just being good at hair to succeed in beauty school. If you want to be successful while attending cosmetology school, you need to be prepared to study, work on communication skills, learn business practices and more. Here are 5 ways you can succeed at beauty school!

1. Do Your Homework and Read Your Text Books

Before you start meeting real clients or working on someone’s hair, you’ll spend a few months in a classroom setting. The classroom work is the foundation for what you’ll create on the clinic floor. If you skimp on your readings or you fail to do the homework, you’ll have an extremely hard time mixing colors, cutting hair, being sanitary and more. Plus, if you don’t do the book work, you likely won’t pass the test to get onto the clinic floor or your state boards, which licenses you!

2. Stay Productive by Practicing on Mannequin Heads

Once you reach the clinic floor, you may have downtime between guests. Don’t waste this time. Practice makes perfect, and spending time working on your mannequin head will help you perfect the styles you may struggle with. By practicing, you’ll be prepared for any style, cut or color that a guest wants.

3. Stay Above Drama

It’s easy to get swept up in drama when you’re attending school, but remember, drama isn’t the reason you’re at beauty school. You want to become a cosmetologist and that should be your main goal. Don’t let anything get in the way of that. A successful student doesn’t get bogged down by drama.

4. Learn How to Educate Clients and Recommend Retail

Hair stylists earn their income in a variety of ways, one of which is selling retail. But don’t think of it as being a sales person. You’re an educator. You need to explain to your guests what products would work well for their hair and then show them your recommendations. You’re the expert, and they want your advice. To succeed in beauty school, pay attention when you’re learning how to recommend retail and then practice those skills once you’re on the clinic floor.

5. Work on Your Communication Skills

How well you communicate with your guest can determine how well your appointment goes. You really need to understand what your client wants when he or she sits down in your chair. If they want something that can’t be done in one appointment, you’ll need to know how to communicate that. It can be tricky since you’ll want to pull out all your cosmetology terms, but remember, your guests don’t know everything you do. Successful students work on their communication skills over and over again.

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