Fulfill Your New Year Resolutions at Beauty School

Fulfill Your New Year Resolutions at Beauty School

The new year is almost here, and if you’re like us, you’re coming up with a list of resolutions to complete in 2016. That list can feel a bit overwhelming though, especially if you have to tackle it alone. What might surprise you is how many of your resolutions can be fulfilled by attending beauty school. If there’s a resolution on your list that feels too big to handle, VICI Beauty Schools may be able to help! No matter what goals you want to accomplish in the coming year, beauty school can help you achieve them.

I Want to Have a Job I Love

According to the Washington Post, only 13% of people head to jobs they enjoy. If you’re a part of the 87% stuck in a job you don’t like, this resolution needs to be on your list. 2016 is the time to finally have a career you love. It’s scary to take the plunge and start something new, but admissions at beauty schools will walk you through the whole process. If you’re passionate about hair, makeup, skincare, nails and the beauty industry as a whole, earning your cosmetology license or esthiology license opens up tons of opportunities for work. You could be a hair stylist or a makeup artist. But you could also work as fashion show stylist, an editorial stylist, aristic director for beauty brands, salon owner or more. The list of careers goes on and on. After attending beauty school, you’ll finally have a job that you love.

I Plan on Being More Creative

To get the creative juices flowing, some people paint in their spare time or write short stories. If you want your creativity to be a bigger part of your life than just a hobby, beauty school can provide an outlet for you. From assymetrical haircuts to rainbow colors, what you can do with hair is almost limitless. Don’t believe us? Check out Guy_Tang, BarberJuan94 or CreativeBoss on Instagram. These hair and makeup artists will blow you away with their unique looks. Eventually, you’ll be creating looks that are just as stunning and creativity will be a part of your daily life.

I’m Ready to Finally Earn a Degree

Heading back to school sounds intense, especially if you’ve been in corporate America for a while. Classes? Homework? Finals? Can you really handle all that? Of course you can! At beauty school, you can earn your degree in less than a year. Obtaining your degree in esthiology takes even less time – about four months at our campus. Graduation day will be here before you know it, and you’ll finally have a degree you can use to do what you love. The supportive staff at our cosmetology schools will be there for you the whole way through. We know it’s scary, but 2016 is the year to jump in feet first!

I Want to Update My Wardrobe

At beauty school, we wear black all the time. What could be classier and more elegant than that? Everything matches all the time, no matter what you put on. Wardrobe update complete!

2016 is going to be your year! If you weren’t sure where to start with your resolution list, start looking at beauty schools. You’ll be able to accomplish a lot on your resolution list once you enroll!