Creative Careers You Can Start in a Year

Creative Careers You Can Start in a Year

Beauty school lasts a year, and once you graduate, there are tons of amazing, creative careers you can pursue! Most cosmetology grads go on to be successful hair stylists or makeup artists at salons, but if you want to push your artistic self even further, check out just a few of our favorite creative beauty careers.

Body Painter

If you grew up loving painting and drawing, this creative career is one to consider. A body painter uses the human form as their canvas. They create amazing and intricate designs using cosmetic paints, brushes and airbrush techniques. Painters work at a variety of events, from face painting at children’s parties to full body painting for marketing promotions and photo shoots. Body painters also work in the entertainment industry, turning actors into aliens or monsters.

Body painters need to remain composed, no matter the situation or style of painting they are doing. Artists in this creative career have to get up close and personal with their guests, and there’s no room for bashfulness. They also must be reliable, ensuring they show up to every event or party on time to get to work. According to Inside Jobs, 50% of body painters do not have a college education, but having your certification or cosmetology license can give you the edge you need to compete in this industry.

Stylist for a Photography Studio

Whether you enjoy doing hair or makeup, many photography studios have there go-to artist to glam up clients and guests. These stylists work with a variety of clients, mostly women, to transform them for boudoir shoots, senior photos, family pictures, and head shots. The creative juices really get flowing when the theme of the shoot is an editorial or fashion spread and the stylist gets to create something avant garde. Studio stylists create stunning looks not typically seen in every day lifestyles.

A hair or makeup stylist needs to be a team player, as they often work with a large group. Photographers, models, designers and fashion stylists are all present and working together to create the perfect photograph. With this creative work comes the satisfaction of knowing you helped someone feel beautiful during their session. For the more fashion-forward shoots, your work may be published, and you could even travel around the country or world.

Creative Director at a Beauty Company

This career has “creative” right in its name! Creative directors in the beauty industry are in charge of developing the concept and pushing forward the creative design of a brand. A director guides a team a graphic designers and writers through the marketing process and keeps everyone on task. As a team, brands are able to create amazing campaigns and ideas for their hair or cosmetics line.

Advertising is a fast-paced environment, so creative directors must be able to keep up. Deadlines must be met, and creative directors need to keep their cool under pressure. But if you love beauty, as well as design and writing, this could be the perfect career for you. Most people have to build their way up towards creative director, but while you may not be able to get this job right after graduation, with some career foundation work, you can definitely get there!

Ready to start your creative career in just one year? Begin by enrolling at VICI Beauty Schools! If you want to learn more about the cosmetology industry, check out our Guide to a Career in Cosmetology. You can also follow us on social media to learn more about VICI Beauty Schools – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.