COVID-19 Response: VICI Capilli Salon & Spa is now open again, and VICI Beauty School is scheduled to reopen on May 27, 2020. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time for all of us, we look forward to serving you again soon! Our staff and students are required to wear masks while performing services on our guests, and to the extent possible, guests are required to wear masks as well. We ask that our guests kindly bring their own mask.

New! OPI’s Fall 2020 Collection: Muse of Milan

At 12:01am on September 1st, I was ready. Modified sweatshirt that casually exposes one shoulder? Check. Putting up spoopy Fall decorations? Check. Harvest spice candles? Check. Pot of butternut squash on the stove? Check!

It happens every year. Once those Fall Vibes start, there aint no stopping them. Take your bright, peppy colors and away!–Into the closet with you until next year, when I’m ready for Summer.

OPI knows what’s up. They launched their Fall Muse of Milan collection just in time. I NEEDED that Complimentary Wine color to match my sweatshirt, or. else.

But, just like Pringles, you can’t get just one. And really, when they all look sooo good together, why would you want to stop with just one? Get yours while they last. Call for curbside pickup options. 414.425.1700