5 Beauty Apps You Should Download Today

5 Beauty Apps You Should Download Today

If you’re like us, your phone goes everywhere with you. You use it to hail drivers, go shopping, order takeout, and even occasionally call people. But if you haven’t downloaded these beauty apps, you could be missing out on serious hair and makeup advice, tips and tricks.

1. ShadeScout

Image Source: Popsugar
Image Source: Popsugar

Have you ever spotted the perfect lipstick shade when you’re scrolling through Instagram but the brand wasn’t listed? Or maybe it was, but you just don’t have money in the budget for an expensive, name brand right now. (Apparently paying for rent and groceries is more important than makeup, we’ve been told.) This app lets you pinpoint shades in a photo and gives you a list of makeup in the same Pantone family. You can even use ShadeScout to virtually try on lipsticks, so you’ll know exactly how it will look on your skin before buying.

2. Morgan Taylor


Speaking of trying on shades, the Morgan Taylor app lets you virtually try on different colors of nail polish. You can customize the skin tone, the nail shape and the nail length to best mimic your hand. Try out over 100 shades of polish before you decide which color to use during your next manicure.

3. Sephora Pocket Contour

Image Source: Pop Sugar
Image Source: Pop Sugar

Contouring is all the rage, and everyone wants chiseled cheekbones and highlighter brighter than the sun. The Sephora Pocket Contour App will teach you how based on your face shape. Simply upload a photo of yourself and the app will determine your face shape. From there, it teaches you where you place your contour, blush and highlight.

4. Musely


If you love DIYs and beauty tips, Musely is the beauty app for you. Browse the Musley database for tons of tips and tutorials. You can also ask and answer questions. The Musley app makes sure all your beauty inquiries are cared for. Plus, it’s all about living a green and healthy lifestyle, so the products are good for you!

5. VICI Beauty School


Did you know VICI Beauty School has an app? We do! Our app makes it easy to book an appointment, keep up on our sales and promotions and check out the work of our beauty school students.

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