A Cosmetology education opens many doors; some of them may surprise you

Find the top cosmetology careers in 2014

Few educational paths are as versatile as an education in cosmetology. Everyone knows an education from VICI Beauty School opens the door to employment in salons around the country. What not everyone realizes, is a cosmetology education from VICI Beauty School can open the doors to administrative positions, corporate opportunities, entrepreneurship and more!

Check out our list of 2014 Beauty Careers and our Admissions Department’s Career Wheel for even more options!


Perhaps the most exciting career possibilities, and one of the main reasons students get into the beauty industry is opening your own salon. Our cosmetology and esthiology programs both offer extensive training in the “business” side of things, included applicable laws, record keeping, mathematics, human relations, professional ethics and more! Our graduates are fully equipped to handle the rigors and rewards of business ownership.

Salon Management

Some people are left brained creative types, while others are right brained analytical types. Some, however, fall somewhere in between. These types of people have all hallmarks of a salon manager. Salon management comes in many shapes in sizes, including managing a small salon, managing a regional stretch of a chain salon, managing sales for a product line, or becoming and education manager for manufacturers! (Someone has to teach those stylists how to use the latest and greatest products!)


Every instructor at VICI Beauty School started off as a stylist. (Many even attended VICI Beauty School!) A cosmetology education in 2014 leads the way to a career as either a cosmetology instructor, esthiology instructor, barbering instructor, or a platform artist for a manufacturer. We can’t do what we do here at VICI Beauty School without talented instructors. Might you be our next?


Many manufactures have in-salon specialists, or salon coaches to share knowledge directly from manufacturers to salon employees, this is often the first step along the educational path. Or, if you want to stay behind the chair, you can carve out a niche as a wig styling, coloring, hair replacement, make up, extension specialist or any other specialty you can think of!

This is of course a small sampling of beauty school careers in 2014, check out our admissions department’s career wheel for even more ideas!