Student Spotlight: Taylor Laflin

We all know it can be difficult to stay motivated and productive in school, even when you’re studying to do something you love. Although it’s challenging, a student at VICI Aveda Institute still has a positive attitude and works hard every day, even though graduation is just around the corner. Each month, VICI Aveda Institute and VICI Beauty School introduce you to a student who embodies VICI’s ideals, and in July, we want you to meet Taylor Laflin!

Taylor Laflin

VICI: Taylor, why did you decide to go into cosmetology?
Taylor: When I was in high school, I was in a CNA class for nursing. I wanted to be a nurse and help people. But when I tried it out, I was placed in a retirement home and it was too hard and too sad for me to see all of that. But I still wanted to do something that made people feel good. I took a semester off. I took a sign language course. I couldn’t quite figure out what to do, and my dad didn’t want me to take another semester off. I saw cosmetology school and went for it. I knew I always wanted to do something with people, but I never knew it would be hair! I was a tomboy, so I never thought I would do this.

V: Once you decided on cosmetology, why did you choose VICI Aveda Institute?
T: It happened kind of out of luck. I searched in Google and it came up. I visited the school and met Stephanie. When I walked around, I was like “Holy cow – it’s a dream world!” It was gorgeous. VICI Aveda Institute is such a good school.

V: When you’re at school, what inspires you and gets your creativity going?
T: Making someone feel better about themselves. When I get my hair done, I always feel prettier and I want to give people that feeling. It’s not all about the outside appearance. It’s about the inside. But when you look good on the outside you do feel better on the inside!

V: What’s it like working with so many different guests?
T: I like it. I’m very flexible with different personalities. I can work with anyone – teenage girls, men, middle aged women. It’s not that difficult for me. I’m very relaxed and chill around anyone.

V: You’re a productive and hard working student. That probably won’t stop anytime, so where do you see yourself going? What does the future hold?
T: I know I want to work in a high end salon. I’ve even thought about VICI Capilli in Brookfield. What I really need is an intense training program. I want to learn more and do more training. I feel like I need to. I need to keep putting stuff into my brain!

V: Any advice for new students?
T: You’ve got to get through it. Don’t complain – it’s not helping you at all. I tell my brain to go blank and stay positive. Stay out of the drama. Be nice to everybody. Look forward to the future. It’s hard to do, but you’ll get through it!

Taylor wants to be become an amazing colorist one day. With her positivity and dedication, we are sure she can accomplish her goals! She only has two months left before graduation. She’s passionate about cosmetology and makes the most of each day at VICI Aveda Institute. We’re so proud to have students like Taylor at our campuses. Check out some of her work below!

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taylor laflin VICI aveda institute
taylor laflin VICI aveda institute
taylor laflin VICI aveda institute
taylor laflin VICI aveda institute
taylor laflin VICI aveda institute
taylor laflin VICI aveda institute