November Product of the Month: KMS Volumizing Spray

November Product of the Month: KMS Volumizing Spray

KMS Add Volume Spray – Save 15%!

Our Products of the Month are back and better than ever! As a thank you to our amazing guests, VICI Beauty School will offer a discount every month on some of our favorite products. All through November, you will save 15% on KMS Add Volume Volumizing Spray at our north campus at the Bayshore Town Center.

VICI's Product of the Month

What’s Great About KMS Add Volume Volumizing Spray

November’s Product of the Month is perfect for people who want to add more “oomph” to their hair. KMS Add Volume Volumizing Spray adds 70% more volume to styled hair and intensifies fullness. Plus, this alcohol-free product provides heat protection.

Apply this product to towel dried hair before you blow dry in order to create more lift and movement. Layer more into your hair for added volume and body.

Love it? Need it!

Can’t wait to try KMS Add Volume spray? Get yours at VICI Beauty School in the Bayshore Town Center! Our students would be happy to tell you more about it. Plus, you’ll save 15%, so stock up! (And this product would make a great stocking stuffer.) Stay tuned for next month’s Product of the Month to keep your hair feeling fabulous and your wallet happy. Want to stay up-to-date on all of VICI’s school activities? Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.