Should I Be a Makeup Artist or Hair Stylist?

Should I Be a Makeup Artist or Hair Stylist?

There are so many careers available to cosmetology school graduates, but most students who enroll are interested in being either a hair stylist or makeup artist. The two are definitely not mutually exclusive (you can be both!), but if you’re sure you want to focus on one area, we will help you figure out which path to head down.

Do You Like Skin Care or Hair Care?

Take a look at your bathroom. Are there more hair care products or skin care products? A healthy base is important for makeup artists and hair stylists, so if you’re really into healthy skin, a makeup artist career would suit you. If you care about protecting hair, then educating clients as a hairdresser is perfect for you. Makeup artists don’t just apply makeup; they recommend skin care regimens and talk about products to help each client with skin care needs. In the same way, hair stylists do more than cut hair. They make a recommendation based on every client’s hair type and texture so all their guests can have beautiful hair.

Do You Want to Work in a Salon or Store?

Hair stylists and makeup artists can work in the same areas, but it’s pretty common for stylists to work in a salon and makeup artists to work at makeup stores. (If you want to work as a makeup artist at a salon, you should probably know how to do hair, as well.) Both work on photo shoots, movie sets and in studios, but if you prefer to be surrounded by makeup, then giving makeovers at Sephora or MAC would be right up your alley. If you love the idea of having a chair and a station that are all yours, then a hair stylist career would make you happy. As either a hair stylist or makeup artist, you can book freelance work and be your own boss. You can start your own business and take your career as far as you want to go.

What Are Your Future Cosmetology Goals?

You have big dreams and goals. What they are should determine which industry you need to be in. Want to create monsters for the film industry? Or help models glow on the runway? Maybe you want to start your own cosmetics company or open your own spa. These are goals set by makeup artists and estheticians. If you want to master hair color, become a platform artist or manage a salon, then becoming a hair stylist will help you reach your goals. Talk to your Admissions department about your career goals, and they can help you choose a program where you’ll succeed.

Makeup artist careers and hair stylist careers really exist in the same circle and they often overlap. If you want to do one more than the other, that’s great too! Hair stylists go to school for cosmetology, while makeup artists often go to school for esthiology. Still not sure if you want to do one more than the other? We suggest enrolling in cosmetology, which will give you the tools to do both. After graduation, you can focus on just one if you’d like.

Ready to start your new career? If you have the passion for hair and makeup, you should go for it! Want to learn more about what happens after beauty school? Download 10 Amazing Careers in the Beauty Industry to see what else you can do in cosmetology. Or take our fun cosmetology definitions quiz to see how much you already know about this industry.

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