Student Spotlight: Elif

Student Spotlight: Elif

We have a lot of amazing students, but sometimes we come across a student with so much passion and excitement for this industry that we can’t help but get excited too! Elif is one of our cosmetology students who volunteers for school events, has brought in treats, participates in field trips and more. She loves the beauty industry, and we wanted to sit down with Elif and learn more about her life at VICI Beauty School!

VICI Beauty School: Why did you decide to go into the cosmetology field?
Elif: Cosmetology wasn’t my first choice, to be honest. I was going to be a teacher. I had a full scholarship to a school in California, but for personal reasons I didn’t take it. I’ve been really good with hair since I was little. I’ve known how to fishtail braids since I was five. It’s just been a talent of mine that’s been natural. Since I didn’t go to California, my mom suggested beauty school and since I had the talent, I thought I would try it. And I met Jen and loved her, and I love it here.

VICI: Why did you decide on VICI Beauty School?
Elif: My cousin went here and I didn’t really know other places, so I thought I would check VICI out. When I came here, I met Jen and she was so nice and our personalities connected. I even came here to get an updo before I started school, and I loved the experience.

VICI: What makes you excited to be a part of this industry?
Elif: Connecting with my clients. That really gets me excited. I’m good at hair and all this stuff, but connecting is what gets me through the day. I love talking to them!

VICI: You also love participating in school and community events. Why do you feel that’s important?
Elif: I love trying new things and meeting new people, and I love talking about my passion. It’s so fun! I want people to be excited about this! I even suggested to Jen that we should go to my old high school, and Jen set up the appointment at South Milwaukee High School.

VICI: What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?
Elif: Writing the formulas. I’ll know what a client wants for color, but figuring out how to mix their formula is hard. I’ve been doing a lot of research and looking online and mixing my own formulas, and I’m getting better! I practiced at home. I did 6 extra sheets of formulas and I’m practicing a lot, and I’m getting it.

VICI: What would you like to do after you graduate?
Elif: Hopefully work in a salon. I’ve got like 5 offers, so I’m just figuring out which one will be the best for me.

VICI: What advice would you give to a student just entering this program?
Elif: Don’t give up. It’s hard at first. It’s really hard and difficult. But don’t give up because nothing comes easy. Nothing that’s worth it comes easy.

Just for fun, we asked Elif if she could be any animal, what would she be? She said a bunny because bunnies are cute and fluffy and she thinks she would be a good bunny. We can totally see that! We’re so proud to have students like Elif at our school. Her excitement for this industry is contagious, and you can’t help but smile when you’re around her. We know that no matter where she goes after graduation, she’ll succeed.

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