Student Spotlight: Kaytlyn Perry

kaytlyn perry

Each month, VICI Beauty Schools showcase a student who goes above and beyond the curriculum. November’s student is no different. Her positive attitude and unwavering perseverance have made Kaytlyn Perry (or Violet, as you may know her on the clinic floor) deserving of this month’s spotlight. We sat down to chat with Kaytlyn at our south campus about her outlook on life and her future as a cosmetologist.

Kaytlyn Perry

VICI: Why did you decide to go into the cosmetology field?

Kaytlyn: I’ve always been really good at hair. I’ve always loved it. My mom was the one who pushed me to go, actually. My mom was like “You’re really good! You should go!”

V: We’re glad your mom supported you so much! Why did you decide on VICI?”

K: I toured a couple schools, and as soon as I walked in to this one, I knew it was for me. I mean, you walk in and there’s a waterfall! Also, I was in the waiting area, and a student started talking to me. It was so welcoming. I loved it, and I love Aveda.

V: Your teachers say you’ve persevered through a lot. How do you stay motivated?

K: I love challenges and I love doing new things. My favorite is when I convince a client to do something new with their hair, and they love it. And seeing clients continually come back to me and love what I do – that keeps me going.

V: You graduate in March. What would you like to do afterwards?

K: I want to move to Chicago and experience city life. I want to work at Andrea’s Hair Salon. They’ve come to our career fairs before and I really like them. They are an Aveda salon, and I’ve become really comfortable with Aveda. Plus, their personalities match mine.

V: You mentioned that when you visited campus, a student started talking to you. If you saw a potential student in the waiting area, what advice would you give them?

K: I would say stay excited about what you’re doing. Focus on your clients and make sure you love every day. Try to make someone’s day every day. My mom taught me that.

We think that’s amazing advice, and something each and everyone of us can strive for. “Try to make someone’s day every day.” An outlook like that is why Kaytlyn is this month’s featured student. Just for fun, we asked Kaytlyn if she could be any animal, what would she be. She would be a cat because everyone loves cats, unless you’re allergic. Plus, she’d be a black cat because those are more mysterious. Kaytlyn loves The Wizard of Oz and graduated from Oak Creek High School. We’re proud to have students like Kaytlyn enrolled at our beauty schools. She and others like her are going to be amazing cosmetologists one day. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Kaytlyn Perry!

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Check out some of Kaytlyn’s amazing hair styles!

Kaytlyn's work Bridal Updo
Kaytlyn's work bob
kaytlyn's curls