Student Spotlight: Lola


When VICI Beauty School is trying to decide which student should be featured on our blog, we talk to our staff for ideas. Jen, the head of Admissions, knew exactly who deserved a little time in the limelight this month. She told us how Lola has high attendance, is doing well on the clinic floor and is a mom. She’s a busy student, but thankfully she was able to meet with us and tell us what makes her successful.

VICI Beauty School: Why did you decide to go into the cosmetology field?
Lola: In high school I always liked doing my own hair, and me and my best friend would always do each others hair, makeup and nails. That’s where it all began. It wasn’t my first choice – I was a correctional officer before I came here – but I’m glad I came back and did it. I am enjoying this, and I love the positive work environment.

VICI: Why did you decide on VICI Beauty School?
Lola: Honestly it was because of Jen. I toured a lot of different schools and I felt the most welcomed here. I even said that at other schools I felt judged for not knowing how to curl with a curling iron. Jen was totally fine with it and welcomed me.

VICI: What do you like about VICI?
Lola: Now that I’ve been here for a while, I really like how all the instructors are helpful. They are very personable. Even if I have personal issues, I can still talk to them. They are very understanding and really helpful.

VICI: You’ve got a little girl at home. How do you balance being a mom with being a student?
Lola: I wouldn’t be able to do it without my mom. Her support means everything. I don’t know how I’d do it without her. It’s hard, but I know that this will get me to where I want to be. I feel more positive when I’m here so when I go home, I’m more positive. That wasn’t the case when I was working as a correctional officer.

VICI: What would you like to do after you graduate?
Lola: I have a job set up, and after I put a few years in there, I’d like to come back and be an instructor.

VICI: What advice would you give to a student just starting?
Lola: Be patient. Have an open mind and let your creativeness come out. Everyone is helpful but you have to understand that a lot is going on. Oh, and all the students are very welcoming.

We’re sure Lola is going to be great at a salon after graduation, and her compassion and patience will make her a great cosmetology instructor one day!

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