Student Spotlight: Mel

Student Spotlight: Mel

Every month, VICI Beauty School features a student we think is top notch. Mel is a student at our north campus, and not only is she focused at school, but she works and provides for a family at home. We wanted to learn more about Mel and how she does it all, so we sat down for a chat.


VICI Beauty School: Why did you decide to go into the cosmetology field?
Mel: It had always been a long time dream. It (doing hair) has always been natural since I was a kid and a lot of people in my family do hair like my aunties and cousins. Me and my sister would get our hair done by my aunties, and it came natural to us. They used to tell me to go to school and I finally came around to it. I got laid off from my bank job and instead of being down about it, I looked at it as a positive opportunity and decided to go to beauty school. I could tell banking wasn’t serving my purpose. I don’t think I would have gone to beauty school if I hadn’t gotten laid off.

VICI: Why did you decide on VICI Beauty School?
Mel: I toured VICI and Paul Mitchell and it was based on statistics and convenience. VICI was the right choice. And it was the only school I knew that was reputable.

VICI:You used to work third shift and go to school full time – how do you successfully manage your schedules?
Mel: It was crazy. The drive and motivation was my family and kids and knowing I had responsibilities. I knew if I could just hold on, I could have a cushion. I also sing professionally. That’s the hustle and grind of it, though.

VICI: What challenges have you faced so far, and how do you overcome them?
Mel:Not being a professional, I had never dabbled in color, and I appreciate what I learned about it. I was scared of color when I started. Didn’t want to touch it, and I think I like that the most now.

VICI:What do your kids think about you going to school?
Mel: I would say they think it’s great. They know it’s my passion and they miss me because I’m always gone. But they love it and support me.

VICI: What advice would you give to a student just entering this program?
Mel: You have to focus on your dream and your vision. If you don’t, you’re focused on someone else’s dream and vision. And be nice, but the less talking and gossiping you do, the better off you will be.

VICI: What are you goals after your graduate?
Mel: This was a check mark off the list. Next, I want to open my own franchise of some kind. I also want something flexible so I can still sing during the day. I want to work those gigs. I am thinking about doing part-time work in a men’s salon. I want to learn more about shops. I need to be flexible. Sometimes it’s scary when you don’t know where your next dollar comes from, but I’m excited. I’m excited for my future.

We know Mel is going to succeed at whatever it is she decides to do, and we’re so happy she has the support of her husband and three kids to go after her dreams! When most of us see a glass half empty, Mel sees a glass half full. We thought it would be fun to learn a little more about Mel. We asked her some “just for fun” questions:
VICI: If you could be any animal, what would you be?
Mel: A Zebra. They run fast and are striped. And no colors since I wear black and white on the clinic floor.

VICI: What is your favorite color?
Mel: Earth tones. But I also do like colors. Like, I don’t wear red, but all my cars have always been red.

We’re proud of hard working students like Mel at our beauty schools. She proves that no matter what stage you’re at in life, you can go after your passion. If you’re interested in cosmetology, chat with our Admissions department.

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