Student Spotlight: Monica

Student Spotlight: Monica

Meet Monica! She’s a student at our north campus located at Bayshore Town Center who is an exceptional stylist-to-be. She’s only been on the clinic floor since December, and she’s already booked the most referrals. It would seem that her guests just can’t get enough of her! Is it her bubbly personality, her quickly-growing skill set or something else? We sat down with Monica to learn more about her cosmetology experience.

Monica Student Spotlight

VICI: What made you fall in love with cosmetology?
Monica: I worked at a day care while I was working at the front desk at Brookfield’s VICI Capilli. My day care coworkers always wanted me to do their hair and I’d give them updos for fun, and I’d tell them what products to use on their hair. One day, they wondered why I wasn’t doing this for a living. And now I’m here, two years later!

V: Why did you choose VICI?
M: My cousin went to VICI, and I grew up coming here. I would get my hair cut by her, and when she moved away, I started going to Inge at Brookfield. I love this atmosphere. I looked at other schools, but I couldn’t find a better fit. And Jen was so funny when she gave the tour!

V: You started on the clinic floor recently; what do you like most about it?
M: It’s a lot of fun and I get to know all the students. In class, you know your classmates, but on the floor you get to know everyone. Once you’re on the floor, you meet everyone and the teachers show you cool, new techniques. You learn all these tips. My next client is a male, and Jose is going to teach me fade techniques. I can’t wait.

V: What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?
M: I don’t really like roller sets, but I do them anyways. I’d rather do cuts and styles, but you need to do roller sets in order to graduate and they are important to know. You’ll always have clients who maybe don’t book appointments for styles you enjoy doing, but you’ll always learn something new. Your clients will teach you about something – maybe a new song or something about their life. I have amazing clients and I love working with them. Even if I have to do something that’s not my favorite, there’s always something to learn.

V: You continue to have new requests, which means you’re onto something. What’s the key to keeping your guests happy?
M: I’m a people person. I’m really nice to everybody and a lot of my newer requests come from the church I’m involved in. My friends and these people tell others about me. And my friends and family are super supportive. If I post something on Facebook, they’ll share it. I just try to make everyone happy.

V: What would you like to do after you graduate?
M: Work at a salon – I just don’t know where yet. I’ll probably stay in Milwaukee. I’ve got a lot of options.

V: Well, wherever you go, we’re sure you’ll be great. Do you have any advice for students entering this program?
M: Have fun with it! Study really hard, but just have fun with it. Especially while you’re in classroom; get those tests out of the way and then the midterm won’t seem so scary. When you’re on the clinic floor, listen to the teachers. They are giving you a lot of tips and tricks.

Just for fun, we asked Monica what her favorite color was, and although she said purple and yellow, she assured us she was no Vikings fan. Green and gold all the way! We know Monica will be successful, no matter what career path she decides to travel. Stop by our north campus and say hello to her! If you’re interested in joining Monica at beauty school, chat with our Admissions department.

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