Student Spotlight: Rahil


We love getting to know our students, especially when we know they are super passionate about this industry. Rahil loves the spa and salon industry. She worked in this industry when she lived in Iran, and she wants to do the same in Wisconsin. She took time out of her busy schedule to meet with us to fill us in on how she’s succeeding at beauty school.

VICI Beauty School: Why did you decide to go into the esthiology field?
Rahil: I did it in my old country for ten years. I had a salon, and I really loved my job and my country. Then I came here and was working in a salon for eyebrow threading and I decided to get my license here. I really like doing eyebrows and facials – just the face which is why esthiology was the best options for me.

VICI: Why did you decide on VICI Beauty School?
Rahil: When I came here, I saw Jen and she was so so so nice to me. I got positive vibes from her. I met another school before I came here, but I felt so much more comfortable here. This environment was so much more positive.

VICI: What do you like about VICI now that you’ve been here for a while?
Rahil: The students and instructors are really nice. I love Stephanie; she’s so patient with students. In the beginning, I was nervous, but my classmates are so friendly with me and I love them. And they are professional.

VICI: What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?
Rahil: English is not my native language, so a lot of the academic words were new for me. I already knew how to do everything in a salon, but in English, I didn’t know a lot of words, which was confusing. But I’ve got it now.

VICI: What would you like to do after you graduate?
Rahil: I’m thinking about opening my own place. I’ve thought about it for years and when I started working in a salon in America doing eyebrows, that’s what I thought about every day. I’m working on it now.

VICI: What advice would you give to a student just entering the esthiology program?
Rahil: If they want to do this, don’t hesitate. If you enjoy making people happy and beautiful, go do it! It’s not hard when you practice, and you get better and better and more professional.

We’re sure Rahil’s business will be successful as her industry knowledge and passion for her guests is amazing. We’re proud to have students like Rahil at VICI Beauty School. Remember to follow us on social media for more info – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. If you’re interested in starting esthiology school, please come in for a tour!