Student Spotlight: Xander


We have a lot of amazing students at VICI Beauty School, but every now and then one comes along that really surprises us. Xander is one of the most positive people we know, and others have noticed too. People ask him all the time “how do you stay to positive?” We wanted to get to know him a little better and learn to secret to his positivity, so we sat down with Xander and talked about his time at VICI Beauty School!

VICI Beauty School: Why did you decide to go into the cosmetology field?
Xander: Because I had only office jobs for ten years before this. I did call center work and worked in accounting, and I was bored and hated it. It wasn’t a fit for my personality. I didn’t come here knowing it was going to be “it” for me, but I took a chance to see where things would go.

VICI: Why did you decide on VICI Beauty School?
Xander: Friends and family had been telling me to try beauty school. When I was in high school, people I knew came here. This was the place I knew was good for beauty school. I came here and when I saw it, I was like “this is where I wanna be.”

VICI:Since starting in November, what have you come to like about beauty school?
Xander: I like that you get to meet new people all the time. I like that VICI has our backs and fills our chairs, so we can build a clientele and interact with people of different backgrounds. I always hear “I didn’t learn this in beauty school” but those people weren’t paying attention. VICI teaches us a lot! And I’ve had a very clear picture painted for me here. I know I have to advertise myself and seek out new techniques. They set expectations, and I love realistic expectations.

VICI: Everyone knows you’re a positive stylist and you manage to stay above any drama. How do you do that?
Xander: It’s a choice. We choose what affects us. At the end of the day, you need to choose your battles. A bad attitude could ruin today, or tomorrow, or your whole week. It’s about finding your priorities. This is where I want to be, and I know that, and I will put it before everything else. I travel on a bus an hour and a half to get here. I still show up in a good mood because this is where I want to be. You can choose to be above drama.

VICI: What would you like to do after you graduate?
Xander: I would like to find a footing in a salon, be behind the chair for five to ten years and from there, I’m open to the possibility of working on a cruise ship. I was talking to a woman who went on a cruise and she said I would be perfect for that. I have the personality for it. I wouldn’t be opposed to coming back here and instructing either. This school has given me direction and embraced my personality and told me to be who I am. They allowed me to feel successful.

VICI: What advice would you give to a student just entering this program?
Xander: Know that you don’t know everything you think you know. Be smart about what you choose to allow to affect you because at the end of the day, you’re the one you have to life with. Did you make good choices or bad choices? Those are the decisions you live with.

Just for fun, we asked Xander what animal he would be. “A bird for its ability, but I relate closer to dogs.” A happy disposition and positive outlook on life? We can see that!

We know Xander is going to succeed in this industry. His clients love him, our staff is proud of him, and he has the drive to succeed wherever life takes him. We’re excited for his future!

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Check out some of Xander’s work!