What It Takes to Become an Esthetician

What It Takes to Become an Esthetician

Skincare, waxing and makeup are all big parts of esthiology. To become an esthetician, though, you’ll need more than just a set of skills. Estheticians need a certain personality and presence, in addition to skills, to succeed in the beauty industry.

You’ll Need a Calming Presence

Typically, estheticians work in spas where the environment is calm and soothing. Candles glow, soothing music plays over the speakers and calming aromas fill the air. It makes sense that your presence during a guest’s appointment should mirror the environment. If you’re naturally a bubbly, loud person, that’s great! You might be able to find a high energy spa that will let you be super energetic. Typically, though, a calming voice and soothing personality will be what you need to succeed in aesthetics. If you don’t think you can tone down your personality, you might fit in better on a bustling salon floor as a hair stylist.

The Human Body Shouldn’t Embarrass You

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As an esthetician, you’re going to be up close and personal with your clients. Very personal, at times. The human figure shouldn’t scare you or embarrass you because you could be rubbing or waxing just about anywhere on it. In esthtiology, the human body is celebrated! On the outside, skin is beautified and on the inside, chakras and the human spirit are cared for. Estheticians pamper all of it.

You’ll Work A Lot with Your Hands while Standing

You may not realize this, but esthiology is a pretty physical job. You spend most of your day on your feet and working with your hands. It’s physically demanding. You’ll need to take care of your joints and muscles if you want to be an esthetician for a long time. If you struggle with nerve diseases or arthritis, this could be a difficult career for you.

It takes the right kind of person to be an esthetician. It’s not an easy career, but it’s so worth it when you get to help someone feel beautiful inside and out. As an esthetician, you offer pampering and “me time” to clients who need it the most. If you’re ready to start your aesthetics journey, book a tour at VICI Beauty School!

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