The Best Hair and Makeup Videos for the Monday Blues

Guys Try to Braid Their Girlfriends’ Hair

Lots of little girls grow up braiding their doll’s hair, their sister’s hair or their own. Boys – not so much, so we can’t blame them when they aren’t able to master hair braids in one take. Besides, messy braids are in, right?

Girlfriends Cut Their Boyfriends’ Hair

If you thought cutting hair was easy, you might want to guess again. These trusting (very trusting) boyfriends sit back and try to relax as their girlfriends give them celebrity-inspired haircuts. The guys might not be able to walk the red carpet when their ladies are done, but they get a few laughs out of it. P.S. – Keep your eyes peeled for the accidentally balled spot.

Boyfriends Cut Their Girlfriends’ Hair

It wouldn’t be fair if the guys didn’t get to play around with the shears. The girlfriends are a little more attached to their hair though…you know it’s going to be fun when one states “If you ponytail it and cut it, I’ll kill you.”

Guys Try Contouring

Maybe first timers can’t cut hair, but what about makeup? Cosmopolitan invites a few men to try contouring. They give it their best, which isn’t all that great, but at least you can enjoy the results.

Guys Try Cat Eyes

Maybe the Clueless Guys at Cosmo can’t master contouring, but they could be better at winged liner, right? We don’t want to spoil the ending, so we’ll just encourage you to click play and enjoy. We give them some credit though. Even we have days where we struggle with cat eyes!

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