VICI Alumni Spotlight: Chelsea at Legacy Salon


We love seeing how students succeed in the beauty industry after graduating from VICI Beauty School. We recently caught up with Chelsea, who graduated in December of 2016. She now works at Legacy Salon and Day Spa in Hales Corners, and we are so inspired by her color work, we wanted to learn more about her career.

vici alumni hair

VICI Beauty School: How did VICI Beauty School prepare you for working in a salon?
Chelsea: They gave me the basic building blocks of all the skills I use on a daily basis- especially in a “trendy” salon setting where I do a lot of blonding, balayage and vivid colors. I’ve definitely expanded on the skills I used in school but it always goes back to those basic color placement designs or cutting/styling techniques.

VICI Beauty School: We love hearing that you’ve expanded your skills! What else have you learned now that you’ve graduated?
Chelsea: I’ve learned more about promoting and marketing myself through social media- the more followers you have, the more clients you get! And about getting the clients I do get to keep coming back on a regular basis. My salon also gives us quite a bit of education- I’ve learned balayage techniques, blowouts, updos, you name it.

We’re thrilled that Chelsea found a place to improve her techniques and business. She told us she enjoys working at Legacy because she can expand on her own creativity and she gets to work with clients to get results that they both love. We noticed that Chelsea creates a lot of beautiful vivid color and balayage looks, and we wanted to know why. “Those services are limitless in terms of creativity. There’s no right or wrong way to do them. When I have a vivid or balayage client, I don’t feel like I’m working- it’s just straight-up fun.”

VICI Beauty School: So how is working in a salon different than being in beauty school?
Chelsea: While you’re not completely on your own, you’re definitely much more independent- you get to come up with all your own color formulations and cutting decisions. You’re also in charge of keeping yourself busy with clients- especially where I work. There’s barely any walk-ins, so you must promote yourself!

We finished our interview with Chelsea by asking if she had any advice for students who are close to graduating. “Do not be afraid to mess up! It’s just hair! It grows back/you can always color it again!” Chelsea also mentioned that she went to beauty school on a complete whim, and it’s the best decision she ever made. She trusted her gut, and now she has a creative career that she loves. We can’t wait to see what beautiful colors and styles Chelsea comes up with next!

You can see Chelsea’s work by following her on Instagram.

vici alumni hair

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