VICI Alumni Spotlight: Erin at Stella’s Salon & Spa

Our students go on to do amazing things. We want to catch up with our alumni and see what they are up to, so VICI Beauty School is launching the VICI Alumni Spotlight on our blog! We’re so excited to show you how our graduates are doing in the beauty industry.

Just over a year ago, we featured Erin (her stylist name at VICI was Scarlet) on our Student Spotlight. We said “She has a bright, positive attitude and is a definite go-getter” and that hasn’t changed one bit. She’s been working hard at Stella’s Salon & Spa for just over a year, and she’s already earned her microdermabrasion license and eye lash extension certification. Her education didn’t stop at VICI, and that’s why we decided to meet with Erin!

The esthiology program at VICI Beauty School helped prepare Erin for life in a salon setting. Stella’s offers both salon and spa services, which was exactly what Erin was looking for after graduation. “I found out at VICI that I wanted a salon rather than just a spa. I wanted the music and the upbeat scene of a salon over serenity and waterfall music. I wanted to do more. That’s how they prepared me. At VICI, there were both. I loved waxing days because we would have music going and the lights on and I knew that’s what I wanted.”

In the last year, Erin has learned so much. She’s learned even more services. In fact, within her first few months at Stella’s, she became licensed in microdermabrasion. Last summer, her salon considered offering eye lash extensions, but they wanted to test the waters. Erin jumped at the chance. She got her lashes done and showed them to all her clients. She educated her guests before her salon even offered lashes. That’s being proactive! Now it’s one of her biggest services. She still loves waxing, too. Both eye lashes and waxing are some of her favorite services because of how people talk to her during their sessions. “People (during waxes) open up to you. People are more willing to communicate. And I love eye lashes. It’s like a therapy session. People can tell me anything when their eyes are closed.”

So how has Erin become successful in the last year? She works hard every day to build her clientele. “You don’t just get a job and make money. You start with a low salary. But that’s not where you need to be. I’ve been told it takes 5 years to get your base pay. It’s hard, but you have to hustle. This is like a small business. It’s not easy peasy. Get to know the clients. I worked partly as a receptionist and introduced myself as the new esthetician to every client. It’s gonna be hard but you have to keep trying. Don’t give up. It’s always a work in progress.” Erin would stand at the front of the salon and talk to every client who came in. She wanted people to be aware that Stella’s had spa services. If a client came to her for eye lash extensions, she sees it as an opportunity to bring them back for makeup or a facial. She strives every day to improve her client base, which is what you have to do to become a successful stylist or esthetician.

We asked Erin if she had any advice for students nearing graduation. “Take your boards as soon as you can, so you don’t forget anything. It will save you anxiety. You forget so much information. Even right after you pass your mocks, take your boards. Schedule it as soon as you pass your mocks. If you don’t schedule it right away, it takes months to get in. The practical was two months out for me. Also, I always had all black on and a resume on me. I was always prepared to talk to a salon or spa. I would drive by a salon I thought was cute, go in and hand them my stuff. I was always leaving information with salons, whether they had an esthetician or not. That’s how I got so many interviews. And go with your gut. Wherever you feel like you’re going to like the people or the location, go with it. Stay where your people are. Word of mouth is how you start. You gotta have a solid base who supports you and shares your work. Word of mouth is the number one way to get your name out there.”

We appreciate Erin taking the time to have us over to Stella’s. Her passion for this industry and her determination is paying off, and we’re sure she’s going to continue to succeed in esthiology.

If you want to stay up to date on Erin, you can find her on Instagram: thisiserinseeby

Check out some Erin’s work below!