VICI Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer at Pink Lemonade Salon

VICI Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer at Pink Lemonade Salon

Our students are amazing, and they don’t stop being amazing after graduation. Every month, we catch up with one of our alumni to see what they are up to. We’re so excited to show you how our graduates are succeeding in the beauty industry.

Jennifer Volkert graduated from VICI Beauty School’s cosmetology program, and now she’s a busy stylist at Pink Lemonade Salon & Spa in Menomonee Falls. Jennifer is passionate about her work as a stylist and she’s always promoting herself and her salon, which is why we wanted to talk with her!

Before she could start her career as a hair dresser, Jennifer needed the training that VICI offered. She noted that VICI prepared her for a salon job in a few ways. For one, it gave her the hair cutting, coloring and styling skills she needed. She also explained that because VICI organizes their clinical (on floor training) to be comparable to a day at a salon – from scheduling, to timing, and even duties at the end of the day – she was prepared to experience life in an actual salon. VICI Beauty School also gave her the opportunity to shadow a few salons, which helped her decide what she did and didn’t and what she wanted to look for after graduation.

Her education didn’t stop at VICI, though. There’s always more to learn. “I can’t even believe how much more I’ve learned even after graduation. I’ve learned different cutting and coloring techniques, discovering different hairdressing tools and how I can advance a haircut with them, different ways to blow dry hair, and even having a little more faith in myself when it comes to formulating color. You learn more and more everyday you are a cosmetologist. The learning never stops,” said Jennifer.

It sounds like Pink Lemonade is treating our graduate really well, and we couldn’t be more happy. Jennifer loves it there. She told us, “Pink Lemonade is my second salon job, and I absolutely love it. Our team is more like a family here, always looking out for each other. My employers are very inspiring and understanding women, and they are fantastic influences. The salon is unique and cute, and our clients have a ton of fantastic things to say about us. I love the salon hours, having weekends off, and I also love Aveda!”

Now that she’s spent a year in the working world, Jennifer noted that being in a salon is different than being in a school. Jennifer found that she’s more responsible for her clients, from consultation to end result. “After your salon’s training program, it is up to you to help achieve your client’s desires or help them with their needs. You’re also more responsible for marketing yourself. Between Facebook, Instagram or whatever it may be, you want to get your books filled. So, advertising has become a big part of my job.” She markets herself really well on social media, which is something every student should aspire to do.

Jennifer graduated in January of 2016, and since then she’s becoming a stronger, smarter stylist. We asked if she had any advice to future cosmetologists. She said, “If I could give any advice to students who are nearing graduation, a few would be to shadow as many salons as possible to make sure you find what fits for you. I know many of my classmates felt discouraged over their career just because they jumped into a salon that wasn’t the right fit for them. Also, choose a salon that has continuing education. The industry is always growing and expanding, and trends are changing. And finally, have fun. This is a really fun career. Don’t let the small stuff get to you, whether it’s a coworker with a bad attitude or a client who is unreasonable. This career choice is about you and your passion. Keep it that way.”

We appreciate Jennifer taking the time to talk with us. Her passion for this industry and her personal marketing is paying off, and we’re sure she’s going to continue to succeed in the beauty industry.

If you want to stay up to date on Jennifer, you can find her on Instagram: hashtagjenhair

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