VICI Alumni Spotlight: Karaline at VICI Capilli

VICI Alumni Spotlight: Karaline at VICI Capilli

Do you ever wonder what VICI Beauty School alumni are up to? The Alumni Spotlight is your chance to find out! Every month we feature a student who is working in the beauty industry and becoming the amazing stylist we know they can be. This month, we’re shining our spotlight on Karaline, who is a hair stylist at VICI Capilli Salon in Brookfield, WI.

Karaline started her education at VICI Beauty School, and when she thinks about her schooling, her thoughts go to her professors. “Starting in classroom, Pedro, Amber, Mrs. Valentine and Jamal laid down the foundations of who I am as a stylist. During my first few days at VICI, I quickly understood what the expectations were regarding attendance, time management, techniques and – most of all – state boards. I am so thankful that VICI instructs their students the same way proctors exam individuals during state board testing. Every student that I have known has passed state licensing requirements with flying colors. I am grateful for VICI and the people that have helped me establish the passion and drive I have for this wonderful industry.”

Although her education started with us, she continues to learn at her new salon home. VICI Capilli has provided Karaline with extensive education since her graduation. She’s taken a boot camp class with Derrick Zeno, color theory with Goldwell’s educators and more. “VICI Capilli has given me mentors that have expanded my cutting horizons through hands-on experience. Every month I am able to enhance my knowledge and skills with the guidance of top artists in our industry.”

Karaline had the right idea when she was looking for a job. She wasn’t going to settle for just anything. She wanted the potential to advance. Knowing she has a path for advancement encourages her. She wants to continuously strive to be a better stylist in order to serve her clients better. She loves all services, but she’s especially fond of updos. Her love for styling started before beauty school when she was in college. She would help her friends get ready for a date, class or anytime really! She loves giving people a confidence boost and complement who they are as an individual.

Her big advice for students? Don’t settle! “Graduating is an exciting time, but yet frightening all at the same time. Don’t settle for anything less then what you know you are worth. I took a nail technician position because I didn’t feel qualified to apply at the salons I dreamed of working at. Through advice from my instructors and peers I decided to resign in order to pursue my passion for hair. DO NOT SELL YOURSELF SHORT!”

Karaline graduated just over a year ago, and she’s already learned and done so much. We can’t wait to see how much farther she goes. She was an amazing student at VICI Beauty School, and she’s kept the positivity, passion and dedication that we admired when she was attending our beauty school.

We appreciate Karaline taking the time to talk to us. If you want to keep up to date with her work, you can follow her Instagram HERE.

Check out some of her work below: