VICI’s Zombie Makeover Competition Recap

VICI’s Zombie Makeover Competition Recap

VICI Beauty School loves makeovers…and braaaaains. To get into the Halloween spirit, our esthiology students at our south campus took on the challenge of turning their friends and family into walking corpses. In conjunction with the recently released film “Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse,” our students planned themed zombies and used liquid latex, scar wax and lots of fake blood to transform their models into decaying monsters.  Our esthi students didn’t have much experience in special effects makeup going into the competition, but with a bit of training and a lot of practice, they were able to create some gory wounds and infected flesh. We couldn’t be prouder of them and their creativity!

Chip Brewster from Fox 6 joined us in the morning before the competition to learn about Halloween makeup, and two of our students even transformed him into a TV reporter zombie. Check out the clips from Chip’s report to see his total transformation. We’re very thankful to Chip and Fox 6 for joining us!

The night of the Zombie Makeover Competition, our esthi students had two hours to turn their models into the best possible zombie they could. Guests were invited to watch and ask questions, help themselves to spooky snacks and drinks, and grab merchandise provided by Paramount Pictures (thanks Paramount!). Judging for the best zombie is happening on our Facebook page, and the student with the most likes will win a $100 gift card to our retail section – just in time to grab some gifts for Christmas or to begin building their makeup kits.

We think our students did an amazing job, and we definitely have some budding special effects makeup artists on our hands. VICI Beauty School wants to thank everyone who made this event a success. We had so much postitve feedback, we will probably hold another! We’re really looking for any excuse to play with fake blood and bruise palettes. Check out photos and videos from our event and let us know which zombie is your favorite!

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