Welcome CC, Our Newest Instructor!

Meet CC, our newest cosmetology instructor. You can find her on the clinic floor, patiently coaching students for success in all things haircutting.

Originally from Hudson, WI , CC moved to Minnesota to attend cosmetology school. She later returned to Milwaukee to be with her family, and where she worked as a barbering instructor, but found that she wanted to specialize more in haircutting. Her face lights up when she talks about helping students on the clinic floor, and she has the right combination of patience and cheerleader to help anyone want to try even harder to do their best.

CC is getting married at the end of August and is excited and ready to begin her new life with her husband. She’s also expecting and is due in March, which might account for that glow that’s always around her.

CC has quickly become a student favorite, and it’s easy to see why. She has a kind way of instructing that students and clients particularly enjoy, and she loves to share what she’s learned. We’re exited to have her as part of our team!