What Can I Do in the Beauty Industry?

What Can I Do in the Beauty Industry?

You’ve decided you want to go into the beauty industry, but is being a hair stylist at a salon really your only option? Nope! What you can do with a cosmetology degree actually expands far beyond salon walls, and it’s easy to combine multiple passions into your cosmetology education. Your job opportunities in the beauty industry are almost limitless.

Makeup Artist

In addition to learning how to cut, style and color hair, throughout your cosmetology education, you’ll learn how to apply beauty makeup. As a makeup artist, you’ll help women feel beautiful on their wedding day, you’ll help juniors and seniors get ready for Prom, and you’ll help clients feel like a movie star for their engagement, boudoir or senior picture photo shoots. Not only will your creativity come into play as a makeup artist, but you’ll get to see the reaction of someone who feels totally glamorous. It’s one of the most rewarding experiences a cosmetologist can have.

Face/Body Painter

If you’re a kid person, mastering face paint would help combine your interests. Parents hire face painters for birthday parties, and your services are often needed at church picnics, work picnics, family festivals and more. If you’re an artsy individual, face painting allows you to create wild and fun designs. And every child will run off with a big smile on their face.

If you want to take this career path a step further, you could become a body painter. Body painting is not as common as other forms of makeup application and will likely have to be one facet of your career, but there is a need for it, nonetheless. You’ll often work at photo shoots or on set for a marketing event. Some companies, such as Naked Vegas, completely rely on body painting business. There’s a World Body Painting Festival and a competition show called Skin Wars on GSN. It’s a big industry, it just takes a little time to fit yourself into this niche market.

Beauty Writer/Editor

Several stylists have gone on to become writers for beauty magazines and websites. Writers need to be experts in their field, and there’s no better way to be an expert in beauty than by earning your degree in cosmetology. Experience as a hair stylist or makeup artist will give you an insight to the beauty field most people lack. If you’re interested in become a beauty writer, start blogging now. Blog during your year as a cosmetology student. You’ll be honing your writing skills, as well as your cosmetology skills. Also, read, read, read. The best way to become a proficient writer is by reading. You can become the beauty columnist for your local newspaper, guest blog on cosmetology websites, and one day maybe write for big-name publications like Modern Salon.

Beauty Distributor and Sales Consultant

Beauty distributors sell professional hair care, color and nail care products to hair/nail, salons, and spas. Every beauty company has them, so you can work with your favorite brands. If you love traveling and meeting new people, this is an excellent career choice. You’ll learn about products, brands, and industry trends. You’ll set up new accounts with salons and spas, while maintaining relationships with current clients. As you gain more experience, you’ll take over larger accounts and possibly earn higher commissions, so there’s plenty of room for growth in this career path. Plus, sometimes you’ll get free products!

Beauty School Instructor

If you’re really passionate about hair and makeup, teach your passion to the next generation of cosmetologists! Teaching allows you to take what you love and inspire students who are just starting to fall in love with this field. Through your curriculum, mentorship and guidance, your students will gain experience and become professional stylists. The satisfaction that comes from seeing students become experts in their field is unbeatable.

Platform Artist

Platform artists are THE stylists for hair brands. Part educator, communicator, salesperson and entertainer, platform artists perform on stage, mostly at trade shows and salon training days, to promote styling techniques, tools or products. They’ve worked their way up in the ranks to become the biggest stylists in their brand, like Goldwell, Redken or Aveda. Platform artists undergo additional training from manufacturers, and based on performance, companies place their stylists at different shows and seminars. Becoming a platform artist is one of the highest ranks a stylist can obtain, and it takes a lot of practice and skill. However, if you love educating others and have excellent stage presence, this is a career you should consider exploring.

The career options keep going. From celebrity stylist to special effects makeup artist, there’s really no boundaries to what you can do within the beauty industry. You can totally become a hair stylist if that’s your dream, but the possibilities don’t end there.

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