What is Esthiology? Hear From One of Our Instructors

You hear the word a lot, but what exactly is esthiology? Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy that deals with the nature of beauty, art, and taste. Esthiology uses this philosophy for the beauty and wellness of people. Esthiology professionals provide advanced spa services, but to our instructors, it’s so much more than that. We asked one of our instructors at our south campus, Tracy Klinko, what she felt esthiology was.

“What I feel Esthiology is…
As an Esthetician for the last 13 years and as an Instructor for the past year, I feel Esthiology is about making others feel beautiful inside and out, by providing guests with quality services and educating them on products and proper techniques for applying them. While performing these services we are not only providing them with a change on their outside appearance, but we are also helping a guest’s inner self with relaxing, pampering, rejuvenating, and renewing them from the inside out.

As Estheticians we provide skin care services; such as facial services, waxing services, body treatments, make-up and much more!”

At VICI Beauty School, an Aveda Institute, we want esthiology students to help guests not only look their best, but feel their best. Does the work of an esthetician sound like it would be perfect for you? If you’re ready to start, talk to our Admissions department and start the next part of your life! Still not sure which career is your dream job? Check out 10 Amazing Careers in the Beauty Industry. You can also take our fun career quiz to see which job you would love.

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