What Should Cosmetologists Put on Their Resumes?

What Should Cosmetologists Put on Their Resumes?

Applying for cosmetology careers can feel overwhelming, but a sparkling resume helps take the stress out of applications. Your resume is your first impression at a salon or spa, and you want it to be a good one. Here’s how to make your resume amazing.

Include a Career Summary

A career summary is a snapshot of who you are as a stylist or esthetician. You may have seen a career objective, which states which job you’re applying for. Summaries are better because you come off as more of a professional. See the difference? Which one would you like to see on a resume?

  1. Objective: I’m interested in applying for the stylist position.
  2. Career Summary: I’m an energetic and creative hair stylist who graduated at the top of my class, seeking a position as a hair stylist in your upscale and reputable salon where I can grow my skill set.

List Your Education

Here you need to list all relevant education that you have. Place your most recent education first. For example, you would list VICI Beauty School first, and then follow that with any other schools you may have attended. If you received any special training or you took advanced classes, you need to include them, as well.

Write Down Your Skills and Qualifications

In this part of your beauty resume you can shine. Just because you’re fresh out of beauty school doesn’t mean you should short change yourself. Your skills are your assets and you want to show them off.

These are the kinds of skills you could include on your resume: 3-dimensional color and highlights, chemical services, braiding and extensions, waxing and eyebrow arching, strong customer service and good organizational skills. Don’t forget to include your knowledge of a second language if applicable. The more valuable your set of skills are, the more an employer will want you at their salon.

Licenses and Certifications

This is another brag section, and, unfortunately, many stylists don’t give themselves enough credit. List all licenses and certifications you have acquired that are relevant to the beauty business. Again, put the most recent first.


  • Certified Eyelash Extension Specialist (2016)
  • Brazilian Blowout Certification (2015)

This is the place for your work experience. Only include professional experience that is relevant to the job you’re applying for. Be sure to use action words to describe tasks and highlight specifics. If you can use action verbs that appear in the job description, that’s even better. Instead of using, “I talk to guests every day,” try writing something like, “Communicate with clients daily about health of hair and scalp.”

Stylist, Milwaukee Salon (2016 to present)

  • Educate clients on health of hair and scalp
  • Create special occasion updos for bridal parties
  • Offer safe and sanitary Brazilian waxing services

If you’re thinking “but I just graduated. I don’t have work experience,” your education and volunteer experience counts as employment. In fact, all of your time working in a student salon is valuable! Which brings us to two points you need to add under experience: customer service and sales.

Beauty professionals rely heavily on selling the right beauty products to clients to make a business successful. Remember, good customer service = client retention, and client retention = high sales. Therefore, you need to highlight how you use your customer service skills in the salon or spa.


At the end of your resume, include a section that highlights your accomplishments. Some examples of what you might include in this section are awards received from hair shows and competitions or honors received from school or a past cosmetology career.

Take a look at our example resume. This should help you build yours!

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