What’s It Really Like at Beauty School?

What’s It Really Like at Beauty School?

Curious about behind the scenes at beauty school? It’s easy to see what it looks like on the surface when you visit a beauty school for a haircut, but what goes on behind closed doors? We’ll take you around our beauty school to find out exactly what happens when you finally start your cosmetology education.

Classroom Behind the Scenes


When you start beauty school, you begin in the classroom. The first two weeks are pretty intense, but they are important. Students learn all the core fundamentals they’ll need for hands-on work. You’ll study anatomy, chemistry and electricity so you’re ready to accurately and safely cut, color and style hair. There is one big plus to starting beauty school – at VICI we throw new student picnics. In the summer, we grill up hot dogs for the whole school and in the winter we heat up the griddles for pancakes and waffles. After the book work part of the curriculum, you’ll move to hands-on material, and you’ll get to work on mannequins. You and your mannequins will become very close. Students at beauty school practice women’s hair cutting, men’s hair cutting, perming and relaxing (don’t worry – it’s supposed to smell), hair coloring, and skin care. Then the whole class will take a deep breath and buckle down, studying for midterm. When you pass that, it’s time to celebrate and head to the clinic floor. At our north campus, we treat our classes to a celebratory cake when they reach the clinic floor!

Playing Around at Beauty School

cream  puffs at beauty school

On the clinic floor, you’ll meet all the other students and you’ll work with real clients. Instructors are readily available to help you with your work – don’t be afraid to ask questions. But it’s not all work and no play at beauty school. Your new friends will likely color your hair blue or pink, and in return you’ll create something new for them. A lot of students experiment with their hair color and style during beauty school. Also, whether your in class or on the clinic floor, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in games and contests. At VICI Beauty Schools, we’ve hosted shaving cream races where the fastest student to shave their balloon wins. We’ve thrown pies into the faces of our instructors, and we hold creative mannequin contests. During State Fair, the CEO treated our students to cream puffs. Yum! We even threw a zombie party where our esthiology students turned their friends and family into the walking dead. There’s always something fun going on.

Guest Speakers and Networking

VICI Beauty School Career Fair

At beauty school, you’ll also have the chance to watch and learn from amazing guest speakers. M Magazine joined us and taught our students all about the styling that goes into a fashion photo shoot. Salon owners have passed on tips on how to interview and land a job you’ll love. Barbers created amazing fades and designs in live demonstrations. Not only will you learn something new from these experiences, but you’ll have the chance to network with people who are already successful in the beauty industry. Beauty schools also offer career fairs, where students can meet potential employers and learn even more about the professional world.

A lot happens behind the scenes at beauty school. You may think students in cosmetology school just cut hair, but they do so much more! You’ll have so many experiences at beauty school that you couldn’t get anywhere else, and the memories will last you a lifetime. If you’re interested in enrolling in beauty school, give us a call. And to check out all the behind the scenes fun we have at VICI Beauty Schools, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.